Cant quite get my head around it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MadMag676, May 14, 2010.

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  1. I am hearing quoted an increase in the use of the phrase ' the public did not vote for any one party blah blah blah' for any crap all the parties are deciding on or trying to rip into the other side.

    Does this mean that for the next 4 years, or 5 following todays ' the public did not' blah blah blah, we are going to have the career liars blame the public for every controvertial policy or decision the CON/DEM collaboration make from all side.

    Is this a get out for them to do what they want and to blame us for it?
  2. Well, this is what you voted for!!! :D
  3. I like that PSP - Mrs LRP and I had a good giggle. I'm not sure where else this thread can go now; you seem to have captured the issue quite neatly :?
  4. The BBC had a seat predictor based on voter percentage. I put in the actual percentage votes cast, The result was fairly accurate. Swap just the Labour/Conservative ones and Labour would have got a 90 seat majority. It (the election) was loaded. Over a decade of their lies/spin. FK em! I voted Labour in 97 and 02(ish) too.
  5. :lol: :lol: :D

    Neither can I!!! We are still partying and giving our heads a wobble in disbelief.

    Seriously though I'm pretty sure the reason Labour decided to bow gracefully into opposition is because they know just how tough the coming year will be. And with Mervyn King's words ringing in my's a very sobering thought.
  6. I did not expect this outcome - I doubt very many did.

    I think the coalition is bold and imaginative and I very much hope that it works and works well in the interest of the nation.

    I hope that any dissenters hiding behind membership of either the Tory Party or the Liberal Party, are dealt with swiftly and if necessary, expelled.

    Arguments and counter-arguments, debates and expression of ideas are fine and to be expected. But silly, ill-founded, sulky criticisms and threats play straight into the hands of Mandelson and his evil gang.

    If this coalition can:

    properly support our Armed Forces on active service;
    can start the gargantuan task of 'fixing' our national finances;
    can repair our hopeless state education system;
    can re-organise the benefits system, and
    can protect and improve the NHS,

    then they will keep the closet Marxists masquerading as the Labour Party out of government for ever.

    PS: I like head wobbling even though I am not of Indian descent. :p

    Finally, I observe that 59.1% of the nation voted for the two coalition parties. 29% voted for Labour.

    PPS: BBC Radio 4 losing no opportunity to denigrate the coalition and 'suggest' that it will not work.
  7. Accuracy is important
  8. I think the term "No clear mandate". Will be used extensively over the life of the next Government. They may well have a point since no one party has been given an unequivocal green light for its policies.
  9. try to fix whats broken and leave the "dynamic and unique ideas in the box"
    as you did'nt get a mandate for them
    They were probably toss anyways :x
    hint if you have to get the whips to get the measure passed its probably a bad idea :evil: