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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by liquid411, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    New to the site. Have been thinking about joining up for a few years now in one form or another. I am a project manager in the building industry which is now caput. This gives me an excuse to do something more interesting (i.e. be a badass and get paid for it)

    I spent my youth in canada where I dropped out of high-school because of too much booze and partying. So I have limited quals, about the same as 4 gcses.

    I'm having trouble thinking about the job I would go in for.

    Did the pathfinder thing and it says I'm an amber and spits out officer roles at me. Quals aren't good enough for that though. So....

    I am after a job which has potential for promotion and commission based on merit, is fun and still gives me a good chance of seeing some action.

    Have short listed to

    How much of this is actually being on the frontline gathering intel versus sitting in an office looking at photos?

    Is it dealing with drunks on base or close protection? Also do RMP get allot of shtick?

    I am open to other suggestions of posts to look at..

    I'm 24 6'1" 16 stone (muscle) rugby player type but also good with people and intelligent. Though a bit cocky and I type too much.

    Any advice would be great. thanks in advance
  2. Royal signals. And it's Int not Intel.
  3. Have you considered the Royal Engineers. As an Officer you get the opportunity to train as a Professionally Qualified Engineer should you have the apptitude. You would be able to draw on your experience as a PM and gain qualifications for when you ultimately rejoin civvy street
  4. You thought of the REME, good qualifications, good job prospects after army life, and fast promotion depending on how good you are....
  5. Considered the Royal Marines ? It has a good set of SQ's (specialist qualifications) after you have served a bit of time in General Duties, unsure as to how long now though but you need to cut your teeth in your Commando unit before choosing a branch, its all on the web, or failing that go to the Royal Engineers, you can utilise your core skills, specialise by way of para/commando route to give yourself that extra challenge (helps the career path nicely too if you arent either (A) a muppet or (B) a psycho), either way you leave fit as a fiddle bar injury and you WILL get about, seriously get about !! :D
  6. If you want the job of fighting on the "front lines" join the Infantry or the RAC, its their job.

    With relation to the Int Corps, well there are countles differnt roles our Corps have the opportunity to fulfill, from Providing security advice or Intelligence assesments to commanders to sneaky beaky HUMINT or SIGINT stuff. You could learn a language and if you wanted yes you could sit and analyse photography if you wanted. Thats just a few examples of what the Int Corps does, some jobs are more dangerous than others. There is also a chance to be attached to SF and 3 Commando Bde, there is also an airborne Intelligence Section at 16 AA Bde.

    We're a very diverse Corps and its not a cliche that every day is different to the last. You will need the equivalent to 5 GCSES though, this must include English, Maths and a Science subject. A levels are helpful but not essential.
  7. my only advice is get u and urself down to the army office chat to the guys there! they will giv u stacks of info! or go on the website and order the army dvd its got a wee bit about every job on it!
    but the guys in the office will help u out best!
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Good advice above. Cut the crap, cut getting "intel" from a website, get your arrse into an ACIO and find out what is on offer. We must be the only organisation that is still taking on staff right now so it is a buyers market!
  9. Youve got to remember though that sometimes the recruiter will push you towards certain roles if they are undermanned or you have the right qualifications; at the end of the day its your choice and you could be doing the job for years, make sure its the right choice"!!
  10. This

    Plus this

    Equals Ammunition Technician. And you also get a nice little cash incentive to the tune of a few grade once you pass the basic course.

    Ammo Tech
  11. Hello,

    Also very new here, been reading a few of the posts. To be honest, Ive been given 'ideas of where I should join' thrown at me by the careers office. I think that's probably why 'new' people ask about where we should go from guys and gals who are doing it or about to be in a particular corps.

    There are so many roles that each corps has, and is so difficult to choose, think I'm pretty lucky I (hopefully) won't have to until later on so alot more time to choose for me.

    Have a good look through though. There are some positions I didn't even realise you could do in the Army being female, not as much restriction as I had originally thought!

    Happy hunting for the right role!

  12. thanks for all the responses,

    I hadn't looked at ammo tech before, it seems really interesting thanks for the advice. It seems right up my street, being a bit of a pyro.

    I apologize for saying intel. thank you for correcting me. (sarcasm)

    REME seems like a good choice to, but I have no interest in being an engineer if I leave.

    why design a bridge.. when you could be blowing one up instead?

    about AFCO's yes I could chat to the bloke behind the desk if it wasn't for the last time I went. Were two guys chatting to someone who was thinking of joining the army. I'm guessing they were bored or wanted to impress the guy asking their advice. I was waiting for an appointment with the navy so i was sitting in the lobby listening into their conversation (as you do) The guys were going on and on about killing arabs, swearing and carrying on.. nothing wrong with swearing and nothing wrong with killing people in battle if you have to. These guys were the reps for the army, and they totally put me off joining,talking about taunting children while there were in deployment. I won't go into everything they were saying but it was utter bollocks. Constantly going on about how boring being in the careers office was and blah blah blah. I don't have time for idiots and I don't take advice from them either. If that's the army propaganda machine its a bit oily.

    I know there will be some jerks in the army, I'm from the building trade and have played rugby my whole life you get used to crap and ragging.

    but keep your stories about tormenting kids who have no choice about where they were born to youtube damn it.

    anyways rant over. AFCO blokes were jerks. hence coming to forum.
  13. Maybe the Salvation Army may be more up your street.
  14. Squaddie humour; you'll find plenty of it right here in the NAAFI bar. Pop along and see them again; I doubt they'll be like that when they know you're listening.
  15. nothing wrong with dark humor. I tell a good one about my dead grandmother. I put in the post searing and joking is ok. It was the place and time.

    Nothing is wrong with the salvation army. a friend of mine died in an attack while giving humanitarian aid in africa years ago. having the balls to be in a war zone with no weapons or back-up. cant disrespect someone for that.

    thanks for all the advice. will head to AFCO tomorrow now im a little better armed with information.