Can't open home page

I've got the same problem, though I can see the last 50 and appear to be able to gain access to most other pages.

For a moment i thought I had been a naughty boy and upset someone and had my access restricted as punishment.


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I'm on DII so can't see the picture Legs posted, but here's what happened to me:

Logged in, working fine until around midday. Next thing, I'm told I have no viewing permissions for various forums or the home page.

Logged out, logged back in again, there's a new-look homepage!

All well and good, except the new look homepage is even less DII-friendly than the last upgrade. It really is about time MOD invested in a browser slightly newer than IE6.
Ahh the dangers of insufficient testing! Anyway, old page is now restored (ish) until I get it working properly.

Sorry for the disruption!
It's all over the place on DII. Essentially there are large gaps where the various parts of the page don't "fit together" properly.

Will happilly post a screenshot if someone tells me how to do it!
That should all be fixed now - I'd appreciate a screenshot from someone using DII though pse!
I tried but it keeps logging me out when I try to attach pics. I haven't got time to look for a solution at this end just now, but basically the top of the centre bar (ARMY RUMOUR SERVICE - News Humour Regiments jokes etc) has dropped down to the bottom of the latest posts bar on the left. Apart from that looks ok.

Hopefully someone who knows how to use a computer will be along soon...

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