Cant open a thread

Weird, I can't get to it either.

No I haven't chopped it, it would be gone title and all. I shall refer to the gaffer.
I posted onto it earlier but I can't view it? perhaps due to its Secret nature only "them" can view it :wink:

Should get a few people interested
Sorry about that, it appears that I have overstepped the mark. Interview with luke-warm coffee and no hob-nobs! :cry: :wink:


I can't open the stalker poetry thread either. I get a far as page 3 and that's it.

Mods got a new toy?
Will investigate. Have investigated and haven't got a clue why the thing won't show the extra pages - there are loads of posts in that poetry thread that the software won't show. Perhaps the ARRSE server has developed a certain level of good taste!

I'll carry on tomorrow.

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