Cant make my mind up need advise please.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RBrown, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. I’m currently in the process of joining the TA but feel I have made I wrong decision on the unit I have picked, I picked 152 (Ulster) Transport Regiment but decided I’d Rather do IT/Comms I have my medical this Saturday and would like to know how would I go about transferring before I start my selection/training and some advice would be great to from users that have done similar roles, what would uses say would be better to go into Transport or IT/Comms any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ok here's two answers and its up to you whic advice to take:

    Phase 1 training is the same no matter what unit you join and your first 12 months will be spent mostly completing this. If you stick with your current unit you can complete phase 1 with them and then transfer to another if you still don't like it, if comms is your thing tell them you want to train as a driver/communications specialist.

    Alternatively get in touch with whichever unit you have decided you would prefer to join and tell them that you have already completed all the paperwork and had your medical with 152. Their recruiters should chase up all your paperwork and med docs from 152 for you but have the courtesy to let 152 know that you have decided to switch units.
  3. Yes, You have plenty of time to make up your mind - you will have TSC A's and B's to complete - or even SHAMROCK CHALLENGE depending on how you are training - you'll meet lots of people from different units (training and instructing) so just ask questions when you can and find which unit feels better for you.
  4. Well going anywhere near 152 was a mistake to begin with. 40 sigs arent around any more mate so who were you thinking of going to anyway? And its never too late to change.
  5. You really need to qualify a comment like that.
    My advise would be to stick with them, if theyre keen enough to take you on then give them ago. Concentrate on getting through the training. Once your through your CMSR youll have a better understanding of the TA and have a better idea of what you want from the TA.
    The main thing is work hard and enjoy it! good luck.
  6. I'm curious too; are they a bad unit or was that statement just based on heresay?
  7. Err, yes they are, now part of 32 Sigs!

  8. They are, however they have gone from a Regiment to a Sqn recently. Cant comment on their recruiting situation.
  9. Are you anywhere near Lisburn? If so how about 52 MI Coy?
    "If you are interested in doing something that little bit different and more challenging, then why not contact us on 0131 556 3031 or visit us in Edinburgh or Lisburn."
  10. I was at a TA selection day the weekend just gone. There was a chap there in a similar position. He was being sent to selection by his Royal Artillery unit but he wasn't sure which unit he actually wanted to join. The instructors at the selection day pretty much repeated what's been said here - its the same initial course whatever unit you join, and its best to talk to the unit you think you want to join, get as much information on them as you can before you decide which one you want to serve with.