Can't log into Arrsepedia

Can't log in says "cookies are not enabled" nothong on that page can be changed, log into Arrse no problems, anybody knows what is going on?
It won't let me in neither. I thought it was a snag at my end and changed my filter setting accordingly, but apparently not.
I'm still locked out (cookies problem).

Anyone know how to fix it?
I think it's been temporarily disabled as there was monster amounts of spam being posted. It was briefly re-enabled, but it's back to the lock-out for the time being.


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Same here.
Is it not possible just to prevent new registrations and unlock it for the rest of us?


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No, fucked here.
Both Firefox & Explorer give the same result.
Sorry about the delay. This is intermittent and has revealed a significant technical issue. Try now and it should work. If it fails then try again a couple of times. Can you let me know the results?


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In first time cheers.

Now I just need to know how to edit a title.
Great stuff - moving/renaming pages is a SysOp task. Let me know which one you want done and I'll do the honours


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It was just canteen_cowboy's entry here.
I've added a link to the correct ouen as there are at least three with that handle - albeit in different formats.
I'm in!

I like the anti-spam question, but is it para friendly?


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Just tried to go straight there from Chrome and was given a "**** Off" tablet.

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