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Can't keep it zipped...

The story looks quite fishy to me. Totally unsubstantiated. Just as likely that she couldn't hack the training, did a runner and got caught, invented a story to get the instructor in the sh1t. When it didn't work she sells the story to the Sun, possibly looking to end up on Page 3. Even a teacher gets better protection from these types of allegations than this guy has received.
If there were any real evidence that he sh***ed her, he would have been thrown to the wolves.

Binned for going AWOL and not happy about it methinks :evil:
They made love for two hours in the Commander’s Office where Boissel was staying after a boozy Christmas bash.*

Chloe said: “He hit on me after the party. I wanted to impress him and thought I had to do whatever he ordered** — even sleep with him. We had sex in different positions — even over the desk. He said it was brilliant.”
* two hours post-booze? Doubt it, more like 5 minutes... right chaps? chaps? :D

** She had been in for half a year - and thought she had to do whatever he said? She should know! Then drop her knickers and wait for receivership.

Honestly, what a ******* wind up - 2 hours! Is that even possible? Miss Spanker said 5 minutes was the norm - honest! :D
Why is it news anyway, only a shag over the desk, wouldn't be news if it were 2 factory workers, suprised a 16 year old could tell the time to know it lasted 2 hours anyway! then again 16 is still a kid and you are always going to be on very thin ice messing with young 'uns so best advice is stay away I say. At least if you are going to do this sort of thing you gotta know that it's not headline news. Pick your headline wisely " 2 divorced soldiers in their twenties banging like rabbits in a bed" not exactly gripping is it? It's safe though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maturity, wonderful thing (and boring as fcuk!)
Earlier this week he started a new job as £40,000-a-year clerk of the Goldsmiths’ Livery Company in the City of London.
Feck me - £40K for a clerk!! Can I have some please?

A senior Army officer said: “Brigadier Talbot has assured us that military security was not compromised in any way as a result of this relationship.”
Well thats alright then isn't it?!!

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