Cant Join Up

Just come back from seeing an orthopaedic specialist at the hospital. I've been having pains in my ankle and leg whenever I run over 20-30 minutes. As some member's on this site probably know I've been keen to join up for sometime but this 'big-wig,' 'big-shot' said that I'm stupid to even be looking at the army and will almost certainly require surgery.

Is there any military specialists out there that could take a second opinion.

(Note: I always haven't had pain. Has only happened recently but have put it down to an injury I received.)

Many Thanks
Get your self along to a DECENT chiropractor. I was having pains in my right knee and leg until recently. Turns out my pelvis was mis-aligned and he has sorted it out. Now back to running normal times and pain free. Always worth getting a second opinion :)
You may need orthotic inserts for your trainers. A girl in work had the same symptoms and got them, not cheap but did the business and she is one fit lady, can run forever... Thinking of getting them myself as I can suffer from shin splints. Make sure you have proper trainers for the way you run ie pronate, overpronate, its the way your foot falls as you run along. Plenty of people out there doing the inserts but try and get someone recommended to you. They should make you walk over a mat type device which 'scans' your foot fall and they make up the inserts from that, well thats how she explained it to me. Good luck.
no matter how well you get treated i'd really worry about joining as if you have already stress injury after running now then it'll be ten times worse when you have weight on or you personally bulk up!

If it is merely a case of physio then i urge you not to rush it and try join until you can run a good hour with no pain and before anyone says you only do 40 min runs that's crap because there are many times in rig you have to grizz it and then my friend you do not want that pain!!

Don't rush and try get some good physio advice. i had them elastic band things and had to stretch whilst i sat at my desk. Aligned my knee in 9 months!! Slow process but your bodies your best indicator!
Get another opinion (you're entitled to it), ignore anyone without a proper medical degree from a recognised university (unless it is an absolute last resort) and perhaps talk to your own quack about medically qualified physio.

Seeing a quack chiropracter cost me a bomb and very nearly cost me my career. Medically supervised physio cost me nothing and gave me back my health, so for once, the NHS were best.

Good luck
Thanks Guys for the sound advice.

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