Cant imagine a British Lt Col doing this.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by gary2000, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Just found this whilst having a look round. worth a look.
  2. A link would be handy....

  3. found what?
  4. Oh yes - Emperors New clothes - it is fascinating!!
  5. Deeply disturbing and shocking news - you'd have thought he would have known better.
  6. Couldnt agree more.
  7. No, have a look: it's clearly a fake.
  8. Is it me or have all the handy shandy's finally sent me blind like they allways told me it would?
  9. This is precisely the sort of thing the Adjutant General was talking about only last week!
  10. Have i missed the link?
  11. Actually this has happened before, but Wellington knew how to deal with it.
  12. Mmm, a drive-by without the shooting...

    Mornington Crescent!
  13. If you freeze the vid at 31 seconds - the second officer from the right appears to be reading a map - he is actually looking at a cleverly folded copy of the Mirror - clearly a hoax.