Cant help having rude thoughts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 762baynet, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. This just came up on the local news site in Glos, she's just got an award from her gran. I know she's a royal and all that and I am sure this has been done before but hey.

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  2. Not a wah.

    Who is that?
  3. She's only intersted in things that fart and eat hay, so her Granddad says and so I'm half way there, just gotta learn to fart now!
  4. Miss Zara Philips, you oik! :roll:
  5. Posh Spice.
  6. Sorry probably being very girlie here, but isn't that the same outfit she wore when she 'won' Sports Personality of the Year :roll:
  7. Nah. That was said about her Mum. Fancy her do you?
  8. She'd do to practise on!
  9. how neive you are.

    us men dont know, because we all are not capable of viewing clothes, of any moderately attractive woman. all i see is a naked woman holding some sort of big ear-ring.
  10. Keep em in your head coz she will never be in your bed
  11. It was indeed, where do you think she got it from :wink:
  12. Hah, sorry man. I'm an American, we don't really know these people.

    She's got one hell of a sniffer thats for sure.
  13. Please tell me you mean nose 8O
  14. my claw hammer will like to prove you wrong