Cant have child due to injury in army

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by fab4000, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Looking for some help and pointers on how to go about things. Left army 2000 due to operation but didnt help been on loads of medication since leaving everything is getting worse daily now asked doc about me having a child but due to meds and how iam day to day with pain I couldnt manage and my doc agrees just wondering if it is worth while looking into cheers if you can help
  2. Sorry to appear unsympathetic - but are you just on the make? Sounds like it to me.

    Was the operation due to something that the army did to you? ie had you been a filing clerk in the local traffic wardens office, would you have still needed the op? If so, you're out of luck.

    Are you male or female?
  3. :D

    More details required - what is your injury and how was it caused?
  4. Shite Wah
  5. If this is a Wah, its not funny, If its Gen, then you really are posting on the wrong place.

    If you had an injury that was caused by military service, then there is a way to claim compensation in the form of a war pension. (The injury does not need to have been caused in an act of war)

    The Veterans agency can help here:

    It is a long road, but if you were injured through service, then all well and good. If you became ill, and happned to be a soldier at the time, then this is different. i.e., you were a soldier, got cancer, was treated etc, then this is probably not atributable to your service, and you probably wont be able to claim.

    Generally the injury must have been caused by you being in service.

    Dont be afraid to be on the make, there are plenty of servicepeople out there who are injured, and now have only a shadow of their life left - why shouldnt they claim? There are biziliions of people out there who dont work, wont work and claim the world.
  6. Did the operation also affect your ability to write coherent English?
  7. Maybe this is a silly question but why did you ask you Dr about having a child? Isn't this just something you would do, then over time if not successful would then ask Dr why you're not hearing the patter of tiny feet yet? At least look on the bright side, if you find you medically cannot conceive, due to a Service injury, the big fat wedge you sue for would help you look after an adopted child.
  8. Head injury,Spine crushed at bottom had to be replaced with bone metal and pins yes it was due service Have war pension ask veteran agency said get on with it can do nothing for you which has made me very mad . Excuse my writing on alot of meds morphine daily etc have money husband just ended his 23 years in the army Iam just looking for info of what I can do as feel ok injured due to service cant help that but this is just taking the p.
  9. What is it you actually want? Compensation or funding to have a child?
  10. As Queensman said excuse me if I appear unsympathetic but you have a pension from the Veteran's Agency, you're in agony daily and up to your eyeballs on pain killers, yet you went to your Dr to speak about having a kid? Most healthy people can't handle the running around after a child, why would you even consider it, considering from what you say you can't cope with your pain as it stands? Or are you just looking for another reason for a claim?

    edited to add : If your injury has not caused you to be medically incapable of conception or incapable of giving birth, even if it would be by ceasarian, my personal opinion is you are on a hiding to nothing, as you are already being compensated for your injury/pain/suffering/etc.
  11. Is it the looking after or the actually having the kid you wouldn't be able to cope with?

    If the former then you are bugger, if the latter, what about adoption? You could adopt an older kid (say 8) who wouldn't need as much doing for them.

    Give someone a good start in life.... its not all about the labour and the gooiness.
  12. choc frog...

    I think that would be non-conducive to looking after ANY child!!
  13. oh I don't know, it could make looking after mine a bit easier to cope with!
  14. If I see either of you offering up any of your children, there will be big trouble!
  15. edited as I just realised her poor English skills made me read her post incorrectly!

    edited again to fix typo.