Can't get through to new new recruitment agency?!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by davealyn, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Hey
    I rang up my local recruiter last week and he told me to ring Capita the new recruiting agency, so I did and I got given my recruitment agent's number and I have been ringing 5-10+ times a day and all i hear back is "Sorry no-one is available to take your call" anyone else had the same problem?! All i want to do is book my interview 3!!!!
  2. Do u want some help
  3. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    You don't book your interview 3, your CSM does. If you had the old Int 2 with a recruiter at the ACIO/AFCO then this can count as the new structured interview depending on how well you did. If it is accepted then your next stage could be ADSC. CSMs phone numbers are currently shut ffrom 1300hrs meaning that every man and his dog in your situation is trying to get through in the mornings. As you will see a lot on the similar threads patience is key.
  4. Just call up. I was waiting for 3months then got fed up with being patient so decided to hunt them down. Had adsc booked : )
  5. Don't worry you could be trying to use the online application on Army Jobs, it's been fucked for 2 weeks. If it makes you feel better I've spoke to CAPITA Twice over last week reference the online **** up...totally ******* useless, could'nt help at all. Am sure they could arange an interview or a selection day though...then again???
  6. Well I've been ringing every day and it goes straight to answer machine! I've even had the general helpline walk down with my name and number and still nothing, so frustrating at least its just not me in this position! What a cock-up.
  7. join the club I phoned Capita and some guy told me my start date then gave me my personal adviser's number to call I have been calling about 10 times a day for over a week haven't been able to get through I did get diverted onto the main line once and spoke to someone else who took down my name and number and promised that my adviser would phone me within a few days; that was last week and still have heard **** all and i'm starting phase 1 in under a month.

    I got a phone call from Glasgow Careers Office yesterday though telling me to come in to sign some forms hopefully they can clear it up.
  8. If you are going to use naughty swear words then the Army won't want you anyway.
  9. Mate your wrong there. In the army the soldier swear alot!!
  10. Hey Davelyn, I am having the same problem. I have been told that in order for me to move forward my application i need to speak to a woman by the name of geraldine who works in a specialist department. i have got 5 numbers for this department including the head of the departments number. All i get is an answer phone message saying "Sorry this line is busy, press 2 to leave a message or please hold the line". If i hold the line i get cut off after so long and if i leave a message no on gets back to me. its ridicules. My application has been ongoing for 7 months now due to a pervious medical discharge. I have no idea what to do.