Cant Get No Satisfaction...

" The value of life lies, not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them; a man may live long, yet live very little. satisfaction in life depends not on the number of your years, but on your will " - Montaigne [ 1533 -92 ]

According to University of Georgia neuroscientist, Gregory Burns, in his book: Satisfaction: The Science of Finding True Fulfilment "...

" I used to think that we want pleasure and happiness, and now I don't think that is the case at all....Happiness and Pleasure are passive emotions, and you don't have to do much to achieve those feelings. I think of Satisfaction in terms of a much more active component "

According to Prof. Burns, satisfaction requires two important components - challenge and novelty - these, in turn require generous portions of dopamine neurotransmitters...

since dopamine production in the brain declines after adolescence, we ' need' less novelty to reach satisfaction as we age [ like hell! ], here I come to the crux of this post/thread..

To stave off decline after adolescence, men have to keep the ' novelty ' alive.. thus we engage in more and more ' extreme' activities and take up riskier ' hobbies/ interests ' - right ?

justification for racing gas powered shopping carts and demolition lawn mower rallies..

also, the scientist claim that our greatest source of novelty and challenge may be " snoring in bed next to us "

don't know if this refers to spouse/significant other , bar pick-up from night before or the dog/cat/ iguana kept as a pet..

What I'm asking is what do the various ARRSErs do to keep the dopamine flow to proper levels? [ beyond the kinky sex fantasies variously described in other threads ]...

nude hang gliding over freeways?
full contact golf?
sneaking into maternity wards and switching infant ID bracelets?
filling spouse's best shoes with dog essence before s/he leaves for important business meeting?

let's hear the tales of derring-do that ramp up the dope drip in your cerebleum.. don't care if its ' on-going' or a once in a lifetime risk that made you stop and think : What the hell am I doing? what keeps the hair [ what may be left of it ] standing on end and brings on that happy sigh at the bar afterwards...
I've wondered about just such actions...often listened to various cousin's 'last words' associated with this topic...usually something like

I've wondered about my own actions...usually alone I've:

1. Jumped into the warm gulf waters on a moonless summer's night;

2. Climbed assorted precarious precipices on windy autumn evenings;

3. Streaked through freshly fallen snow on a frosty winter's dawn;

4. Drawn amazingly close to the vortex on springtime tornado safari;

5. Gone to the local mall's weekend extravaganza with a couple of grandkids and a $10 dollar bill;

Could go on about the wilder encounters with cats and rats and elephants...maybe another time...

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