Cant get arrse on Internet explorer

Just get the following message when I type the arrse web address onto the address bar in internet explorer (the latest version).

Fatal error: Call to undefined function themeheader() in /net/sywww/sypath/cpgn2/header.php on line 113

Can still get access via firefox though but wondered why IE suddenly predjudiced against arrse and not other web site addresses???

Johnny :?
Thanks very much, that did the trick...but it won't let me log in now and just erases what I type into screename and password box when after I press the login button?

Thanks....I'm f***ed off with IE and am gonna start using firefox as my primary browser now I think. The only thing is firefox sometimes blocks pics or imagery on pages when IE doesn't.......any suggestions?

meridian said:
Tool >>> Options >>> content >>> load images automatically

Make sure that is ticked already is. Only happens a bit on sites like ebay homepage etc but not really a problem and better than IE. Cheers anyway.


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