Can't get accurate medical records for Health Questionnaire prior to AOSB Briefing

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by jonnylomax, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Gents,

    Am in the process of getting paperwork ready to book my Briefing, can't get a hold of the exact dates that I got this or that vaccine or booster or the exact date that I got grommets etc. Either the doctors practice that I used to be in has closed and records destroyed or else hospital has moved etc.

    Is it a problem if I put down the month and year or else have a guess/estimate at the date?

    Secondly, with regards to the opticians report, do I only need to get that filled out by an optician if I've had glasses/contacts/a squint/eye defect of some sort during my life?
    I've never had a single problem and indicated so in my original application, however the fact that I was sent the form is making me unsure.

    All advice/help appreciated
  2. Phone your primary care trust ask to speak to child health as they're likely to have records.
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  3. Apologies, should have stated I'm from the Republic.
  4. No idea if its the same.
  5. No fear, thanks for reply nonetheless, trying to see what the Irish version is
  6. I was the same, the health records in the republic are a joke, I just estimated when I got them, its not ideal but there's not much you can do. The people in the medical place at westbury were very understanding, I had surgery on my leg and they wanted details and the only records I could get were handwritten notes by the consultant which they would only sent to me by fax. If you're really not sure or have any questions you're best to just give them a ring.
  7. Your from the Republic? Damn Jedi, thought you had all gone.On a serious note: Ring your health centre and speak to one of them Medical Droids.. Im sure they should be able to help. GL!