Cant get a house because im married!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by PeoplesPTI, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to ask for help, but HELP!

    Im a serving soldier in the regular army and am currently married.

    The thing is, i have been seperated for 2 years and am awaiting a decree absoloute as we speak.

    Even better is i am expecting a child with my new partner, who i cant marry cos im married.

    The baby is due before the absoloute will be available and despite asking for a Quarter, i have been told there is no chance.

    I currently have to rent a very expensive flat, (and its through a housing association!) which takes up most of my partners and my wages. When the baby is born i wont be able to afford to live.

    I have explained all this to my families officer and he says that im not entitled to a quarter, even after my child is born.

    As soon as my absoloute is through i will be getting married, just so i can afford to live with my partner and child.

    Is my families office correct? Why should i be forced into a marriage? Surely if i was gay i would get a quarter at the drop of a hat.

    I appreciate any help on this matter.
  2. Sadly, yes you have been correctly advised that you currently attract no entitlement. I presume that you are documented as being estranged/separated on your docs. As soon as you have remarried, once able to do so, then you will be entitled.

    However, I must also point out that if you were gay you would not get a quarter 'at the drop of a hat'. You would need to have had a civil ceremony in the same way as going to the Register Office in a heterosexual partnership. Gay couples will still need to divorce if their relationship ends and they face exactly the same hurdles and barriers as a traditional married couple in your circumstances.

    You're not being forced into marriage by the army. You're being 'forced' into marriage by your financial circumstances, which are considerably better off because of your army employment. The army pays a decent, regular wage and offers subsidised accommodation. Not many other employers offer the same! Unfortunately, to ensure equitable distribution of the limited housing stock there need to be qualifying rules that draw a line somewhere. A legally recognised partnership is the line that the MoD has drawn.

  3. You have to be sneaky with this idea.

    Tell uwo your partner intends to leave you with the new born child. As you would be the legal gardian of the child it would make you a single parent Thus intitle you to a qtr as many single mothers are.

    inform the legal system of your situ (see if that hurries up your decree absoloute )

    Once you have your qtr move partner in and if any one asks say shes the child minder/aupair.
  4. P.S. Good luck
  5. I'm afraid you're paying the price for being irresponsible. You and your partner should have looked into this problem before getting pregnant. At the present moment you are, to the army, married to your wife and if you were with her would ,obviously, be entitled to a quarter.It's no use everyone getting on their high horses ,(as they will) and saying it's your business and your right to have ababy if you want to. It is both of these things but it is not the army's responsibility or fault that you are in the position you are. As has been stated there is a shortage of MQs and they have to have rules to ensure fairness of allocation. The MQ staff are as bound by these rules as you are bound by QRs.
  6. Bad luck.

    You might be better posting this on Rear Party, where they actually give a shit.
  7. Your spelling is wank, but I think I know where you are coming from.
  8. No you can't move the partner in as the child minder or au pair as they are the natural parent. Bizarre, but rules is rules!