Can't get a hold of my CSM. Any suggestions? HELP

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by para-recruit, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys, I did my ADSC on the 23-24th of June and I was medically defered. Its not as bad as it seems, They only wanted a copy of my hospital discharge from a few years back. This was sent by my doctor on the 9th of this month (JULY) to the army doctors. It is now the 23rd of july and I still haven't heard back from my CSM as the next step for me is PRAC (Parachute Regiment Assessment Centre). I have emailed him 3 times, phoned and left voicemails and also phoned the main number for where he works and asked the guy who answered the phone to pass on a message for my CSM to phone me. Still no such luck. Apart from shining the bat signal in the sky I am all out of ideas. Anyone had a similar problem or any suggestions on how to get in contact with my CSM?

  2. Just relax, you've done enough. Try going round to his house and passing him his morning coffee as he wakes up. There's a fine line between persistent and stalker, it's only been a month! Perhaps he's busy locking all his doors and windows!
  3. haha...although he should be scared ;) just kidding lol. but in all seriousness, its just frustrating as I only have PRAC to do and then I start phase 1 training. Just want to get going :(
  4. Your humour is wasted on this forum, no wait that wasn't humour - Disco
  5. Have you tried phoning the AFCO where your initial Interview took place? I was unable to get through to my CSM to change my job choice before selection; i made about 20 calls to the CSM & the Recruitment line with no success so i tried ringing my AFCO as a last resort, spoke to the Colour Sergeant who Interviewed me and he sorted it straight away.
  6. Just say the magic words "Sod the paras, I want to be a marine" 3 times, and he will appear behind you. He might beat you with a spade, but it will be good, character building experience for the future.
  7. Go round to his house bang on the door then when he answer 's douse your self in petroleum and strike a match.......
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  8. Thanks for some of the replys. To the rest of you brainless idiots, your a bunch of cu___nts
  9. Welcome to Arrse!!!
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  11. CSMs are always slippery. They wear too much lube. To get hold of your CSM try grasping him by the clothing and holding on whilst he wriggles.
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  14. Para Recruit, You have been binned for attitude!

    Best of luck kidder.
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