Cant extradite Al Qaedas mate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. I see in the Guardian today, the appeal court has blocked the government's attempts to extradite some Jordanian Al-Qaeda ambassador back to his native land. {snip}

    Where's the link to this story? PTP
  2. Oh yes. The govt passes laws, then try to breach those same laws until the court tells them to wind their necks in.

    To blame the judges would be like blaming soldiers for the invasion of Iraq.
  3. You cant blame the Judges, it,s this bunch of Steaming Chunnder that calls itself the government that is to blame, they made the Laws, they set the Guidelines, and now they are hoist by their own petard
  4. Judges don't make the law they just follow it and you can't blame this government (even though they are a bunch of self serving tossers). Even though they enacted the Human Rights Act 1998, the law has been the same since the ECHR in 1950. The only difference made by the HRA 1998 is that we don't need to waste money taking every case to the ECtHR as now our own judges can rule on it.
  5. Oh well, I suppose we'll be letting him stay, on income support, social housing, incapacity benefit and all the rest of the nice little things that we taxpayers have to foot the bill for. So much for getting rid of those who have outstayed their welcome.
  6. I understand the the largest employment 'Workgroup' in Parliament & House of Lords is Solicitors and Lawyers.
    If they cannot formulate a law that allows the government to do it's DUTY to the people of UK then resignations en mass are required.
    This tw at should be export with all his breed at the first possible opertunity.
    And please no Uman rights sh1t.
  7. No chance we could just drive him along to the Jordanian embassy and throw him through the front doors is there?
  8. I can see where the judges are coming from. If we send this bloke to Jordan he could be subject to all kinds of attrocities in the Jordanian pokey.

    No playstation, tv, pool, drugs, porn, gym, or education classes. How could we send someone to such a place of punishment? It would be like, well, a prison FFS!!

    What about his human rights???
  9. His counsel were on the news last night, with a bold tag line as a human rights lawyer (an oxymoron?) a bit like Cherie then....thats right, useless.
  10. Oh you are a wag :D The collection of self-centred sh1ts you talk about have got no intention whatsoever of removing their arrses from Parliament as to follow your advice would remove their snouts from the trough!

    Hopefully the fecker will catch something highly deadly and snuff it quite quickly but in extreme pain - some mathematical modelling would be required for the pain to NHS cost ratio to obtain maximum results :twisted:
  11. The law, specifically the HRA 1998 does allow Parliament to pass whatever laws it wants. The HRA specifically provides for that possibility and in any case, the principle of parliamentary supremacy means that parliament cannot bind itself.

    In the case of the HRA, all that is needed is for parliament to pass a law specifically contrary to the ECHR and for a government minister to state that the provisions are contrary to the ECHR but govt wants it passed anyway.

    It has never been done yet though. These people apparantly care more about them poor foxes.

    The hypocrisy of this shower of shit in parliament is exposed when they want any person of sound mind to believe that Jordan will stand by its 'agreement' with the UK - especially as there is no way to enforce that 'agreement'.