Cant even smoke in your own car FFS

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RMA1, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. According to the news the latest Highway code advises that you shouldn't smoke whilst driving. What's next. its getting beyond a joke.

    Why not spend a bit more time worrying about real crims and not the smokers. no Im not a smoker but this is takin the obvious.
  2. fcuk them i will smoke where i want and when i want.

    simple as that.
    i fight for this shite hole and this is our reward.
  3. My bold

    Its only advice not Law
  4. Who the fcuk do these jumped up jobsworths think they are, next it will be no talking to passengers, no playing music. FFS, this cuntry really piddles me off.
  5. According to the news the Gestapo can pull you over and use the fact that you are havin a smoke and only using one hand to steer as grounds to get you on "not in control". I thought it was only a guide as well then again they have probably written it in red.
  6. Even in enclosed spaces such as pubs? :D

    It is w@nk and although I've spent the best years of my life etc - UK is history for me because of this and many other nonsenses. :cry:
  7. absolute cr"p i will smoke in my car if i feel like it how many smokers on a long journey could last without one pc at its finest