Cant decide which battalion to go to..advice?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lewyt666, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys just waiting on my CO getting me a selection date for ADSC Glencourse, got my letter back saying I was medically cleared, but I have a slight problem, I can't decide which battalion to go to?

    I am presuming I need to decide by the time I go to ADSC?

    I am caught between 2 Scots based in Glencourse, and 5 Scots based in Kent.

    I live in Falkirk so obv 2 Scots is closer to home, but 5 Scots is my local battalion, but then my Grandfather was apparently in the Royal Highland Fusiliers, (being 2 Scots)

    anyone got any advice?
  2. Why dont you go on selection first.
  3. yeah, thats what I'm asking, do I need to choose which battalion I want to go to at selection or after selection, during training?
  4. I'm sure it doesn't matter which battalion you want to go in until the end of basic training.

    I want to go into a certain battalion, but i've just chosen which regiment and i'll think about battalion choice when i'm close to ending my basic.

    If this is wrong then please correct me.
  5. ah right cool. Well I'm just waiting on my selection date still but hoping to get maybe August.
  6. You choose your battalion whilst in training, so you can make an educated choice. You are not tied to going to your local battalion however places are down to manning levels.