I have ADSC next month and my three choices are 1. The Rifles; 2.Intelligence Corps; 3. Household Caverly. I want to do a combat job (hence Rifles), but if I leave at 40y/o I won't be able to get a high paying job in civvy street compared to the tradesman.

So my question is: exactly how easy is it to transfer to a trade once in the infantry providing there's vacancies and you meet criteria?

Also, are there any proper soldiering trades you recommend? I've looked at vehicle recovery mechanic REME. Thoughts?

The Army is a career in itself and has a great many opportunities.

Your career is what you make it, many infanteers have gone on to good things, many tradesmen have gone on to very little.

Do what you think you will enjoy most, try the rifles if that is your preference. Transferring is a regular occurance in the Army, I can't say if you'll consider it hard or not, but there may be pressure from your unit not to change.

Don't worry about what can happen in 20 years time, the world and you will change massively by then.
I went in as an armourer and took a job on the outside as a telecomms engineer. What you do in the Army doesn't have to dictate what you do outside of it.

(But yes a trade always helps)
Trade, one that translates easier and later to civvy.

I recently discovered that the bloke heading up a large subsea engineering group studied political science at university.

What you do at the beginning of your career can often look very different to what you end up doing.

If the infantry is what you think you'll enjoy then go and do it. If you're successful in your career you'll find that you're capable of doing a lot more than just what it says in your trade title.


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What do you want to do as a civilian in 20 years time and why do you think the Army would better prepare you for that than taking the civilian route would?

Go with what interests you. There is nothing stopping you from studying and learning externally to that.
... but if I leave at 40y/o I won't be able to get a high paying job in civvy street compared to the tradesman.

I wouldn't worry too much. There won't be any high-paying civvy trades in twenty years' time. You're also assuming that you'll complete twenty years service. I admire your optimism nevertheless. But - and for what it's worth - yes... get a trade if it's offered.

Transferring from infantry to trade while in a combat role depends on your unit, CoC and the application/transition period & can create more grief & hassle than it's worth.

Infantry roles also have a limited lifespan, ie: your body & mental state will also vary and don't forget possible injuries.

As an ex infanteer I'd suggest trade as believe it not CSS are attached to infantry units and go out on ex's & patrols, (plenty of articles in soldier mag) and of course Arrse forum research.

Enjoy & good luck.

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Life experience- Infantry.
Future job security - trade.

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