Cant believe no one mentioned 27?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by elnoddo, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. The worst RLC unit thread is locked and ive been watching here for the passed few months for a mention of the Glorius 27th but to no avail. I cant believe that there are no ARRSE members who are also stuck in this hole. I can only assume that Paul O Grady AKA the CO is a MOD and keeps deleting the threads.
  2. Like anywhere it's what you make it.
  3. That's because 27 is fcukin' fantastic........knobber!
  4. Spent a couple of good years there. The Regiment is busy, thats the problem.
  5. back in 98 when i was there bad lads place it was called but i fcuking loved it there.
    best time of my army career.
    dont know what it is like now.
  6. we have a few lads use our unit facilites from 27, they never have a good word to say about the place.
  7. Did 27 93-98, had a good time plenty of tours etc...
    If you wanna know the real reason its gone downhill check out the state of some of those jokers crossing from Buller to Travers, nuff said.
  8. I was there 27 regt rct BAOR...jun91 to dec94. Proper hard punishment posting back then, plenty of duty beatings and A jobs!! Good times looking back now.

    Wonder what its like today?
  9. Agreed........
  10. BMH Shaibah had a ward dedicated to 27 Reg during Telic II, between heat exhaustion and D+V all of the unit must have been in the Hospital ant one time or another.
  11. I was with 27 reg on OP TELIC II and what a shower of sh*t. Like Rab658 wrote about the ward 202 BMH is true because when i was in 202 the chalk board at the end of the ward read 27 reg from top to bottom on the bed allocations,at one point a col from chillwell was sent over to find out what was going on.It did'nt help the fact that when you were RTU'd you were pressured into ripping up your sick chit because they were short on drivers ( I WONDER WHY) :? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  12. They took over from us after Telic One They all went down with heat exhaustion because they used to sleep in the only place with air-con which was the ablutions, saw one of them passout as soon as they stepped out of the door and kissed the metal steps (thats got to hurt)
  13. Ah! The joy of watching the non-acclimatised walk out of an air-conned ablutions block into 40 degree heat! I probably saw the same bloke as you, either that or it was a regular occurence during the HOTO.
  14. Wasnt a bloke it was a chick and How we laughed
  15. I was with 33 Fd Hsp on Telic II, and I must admit I felt sorry for the folks of 27 Reg.
    TBH I never knew they were told to rip up their sick chits.