Canon Powershot G9

Anyone got a Canon Powershot G9 ? if so, what do you think of it. I'd like a non DSLR to carry when I can't use the DSLR.
I have the latest iteration, the G12, and it's an excellent camera. Viewfinder, full manual control as well as presets, decent lens - everything you need.
I've got one, bought for the same reason. I got mine cheap just as the G10 came out and, having had a good look at the two, prefer mine. The one thing I liked on the newer model was the wider lens (28mm equivalent instead of 35mm). The G9 is slightly smaller but still not exactly tiny. It's got reasonable manual control. Image quality is good. If you can get one for a decent price I recommend it.
My mate, a civvie copper, tells me that it is an issued camera for police in his area to have as a pocket camera for evidence taking. They have been through a bunch of similar cameras and the Canon is still the camera of choice.
I have a G10, and if the G9 is half the camera that is then you will have a very, very capable device indeed. I also has a G3 before that. After these two from Canon I really don't think I'll buy another brand of digital camera again.
Oh, bear in mind they ain't exactly pocket friendly!
I've grown up with Nikons from an F to an F5 so I might be bit biased.

No. Actually I'm not.

Canon now make the best cameras and I am after a G10.

I notice that Nikon have brought out a new high end compact that looks rather G10/11/12ish now too.
My mate, a civvie copper, tells me that it is an issued camera for police in his area to have as a pocket camera for evidence taking. They have been through a bunch of similar cameras and the Canon is still the camera of choice.
A G11 is used at Bastion R3 Hospital by the Trauma Nurse Co-Ordinator for clinical photography.

I'm also a recent convert from Nikon to Canon, and agree that Canon currently have the edge.
I have two - one I had thought was DOA that has since been rebuilt.
The G9 was the last [maybe the G10?] to have a steel body and can really take hard knocks.
The later variants do have wider focal lengths and some like the flip-out screen; but they are definitely better in low-lite conditions.
If you shoot in RAW and get to know the Adobe Raw converter software you can do amazing things with this camera.

I would highly recommend the Lowepro Apex AW [All-Weather] pouch.

Also Richard Franiec makes great little grips for the G9 and power-shot S90 & S95.
Lensmateonline - Richard Franiec Accessories
At the moment I can't load his own web page but you can email him at this address
- Richard Franiec <>
The grips make all the difference in holding this camera.

His, or, an associated website is worthwhile perusing on the G series and similar prosumer P&S cameras for hints, techniques & tips that are good for all marques - check the forums out. His fascination is now with Olympus, but as you see from the web address his heritage.
Photography is Fun Home

If you do go for the Canon G-Series and you find you need flash, then consider the handy pocket sized Speedlite 270EX - it works a charm.

For an example of what a G9 can do, then look at this extraordinary picture of the present POTUS's inauguration - use the slide on the top-left to zoom in on those attending. The outgoing veep in his fedora is a classic.
gigapan: President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address by David Bergman
The G9 was used in conjunction with this extraordinary gizmo.
Gigapan Systems Online - Gigapan EPIC 100 Product Page

If you are looking for something really portable the the Canon PowerShot S90/S95 are well worth looking at.
The controls are a bit fiddly at first, but will produce great images once you've mastered the controls. Still get the smaller Loweprow Apex AW pouch.

Good luck - oh, and get an extra battery.
I argee with all of the above. I have a G10 which I use mainly when out walking. Easier to carry up a hill than lug a DSLR and its related bits. Some of the images I've taken now hang on my office wall and can rival many taken on my DSLR.

Thumbs up from me!

Grem reccomended the G9 to me. I wanted a "compact" type camera where it still gave me a degree of control over the picture taking process. I've had digital cameras before but I wanted to get back to taking photographs rather than snapshots.
I have always been a Nikon user but after having had a good "go" with a G12 at Jessops I started to hunt around on Ebay. I eventually got a G9 for £180
The build quality is first rate and the camera has a reassuringly solid feel to it. The back screen is large and I can use it without my reading glasses. Battery life seems to be good. The digital zoom is far better than I expected; most digi zooms are terrible but the G9's is very acceptable
I have a G9 and love it! I am a point-and-press type of snapper and I rarely do not get a clear sharp focus and a shot framed how I see it. My wife has the Canon SX1 and has a lot more issues with focus and batteries than I do with my G9.

If you get one, get some spare batteries from 7dayshop dot com - cheap as chips at present (3 for about £11).
Thanks for all the posts.

I've taken everything posted into consideration and decided to buy Lightroom 3

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