Canon extender

Anyone used a Canon 1.4 or 2x extender? Any good? Do they affect quality much?

I have a 100-400 Canon zoom. The extender should be compatable (camera a bit older though - 40D). Going on hols to Canada and I want to get decent bear pics without getting too close! I know I'll lose an f-stop or 2 which I'm not bothered about, but looking for feedback from anyone who has used one. Ta.

I'd probably go for a mk11, as the price is a bit more reasonable than the newer mk111.
I've used one on an older (film) camera - it worked as it says on the tin - BUT - bring a good tripod ...
BUT - bring a good tripod ...
Or monopod.

Safety tip for when you're photographing Bear : Take a sharp stick with you. Should a Bear run towards you, turn and stab your missus in the leg with the sharp stick, this will do 2 things, stop her from out running you and give the Bear the smell of blood/ blood trail.
The 1.4x II is an excellent bit of kit, but you should be concerned about the extra stop of light that you'll lose because when using the combination on a 40D it means that the camera won't autofocus - you'll be on manual only.
I find extenders work better on primes than zooms. I've used a Canon 300mm with 2x extender with pretty reasonable results. Good enough if you're not selling to National Geographic or making gyenormous prints out of them, but they definitely reduce sharpness.

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