Canon EF 24mm 2.8 IS USM

I haven't used that lens and I'm no expert. So my advice is if there is an L series version get that.
I'm with ND on this - no experience of the lens, but if you can afford it go for an L Series.

Chromatic abberation sounds like a problem with this lens, but can be corrected with software.
While not questioning the L series quality and prime over zoom I wonder what benefits a 24 mm (38mm at 1.6 crop factor) will give you. There are a number of cheaper alternatives and for this I would use the 24mm end of my 24-105 f4 Canon lens or the upper end of a 10 24 Sigma f4 I have.

In my opinion and I am no expert really, other than a 30 1.4 Sigma prime I have for portrait stuff a prime lense may better at mid-long focal length
I wouldn't bother with a 24/2.8 to be honest. If you are looking in that focal range and price bracket, you'd be better off with a 28/1.8 or 35/2. The Sig 30/1.4 is one level up from that and then the wide, fast L lenses (24/1.4 & 35/1.4) are on a different plane entirely.
Thanks, useful as always. I'm now thinking of the 17-40mm L, as it isn't as dear as I thought online. A friend has one, is I can have a play... Will report back.
That is one sweet lens and it has a reputation for being tack sharp. Landscape photographers swear by it and it is extremely useful for other situations like interiors. It was the first L glass I bought and would never want to part with it.
17-40L is a top lens, and it usually comes out of the bag first. I use a 16-35L for landscapes now - lovely lens...

L series lenses are an expensive habit, but they are consistently sharp, properly weather sealed and the glass is amazing.

The non L series lenses, the 24mm included, are still great lenses - and very affordable - but the glass can be inconsistent and they can feel a little lightweight.
I had better start saving. Anyone want to buy a D60 (read my lips, a D60 not a 60D :) ) with a Sigma 70-210 1:4-5.6, 8gb Kingston CF and two brand new batteries and charger? I love this camera - it's built like a tank and is in mint condition, sadly I just don't use it any more...

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