Canoeing Instrutor

I'm trying to find info on canoeng instructors for an exped to canada this summer. Does anyone know what how many new canoeists can be taken by a single instructor?
Also does Trails End have instructors available?

Sea canoeing or river/lake?
Kayaking or open canoe? There is a differentiation. The quals have changed too, so you would need to specify.

Also what level are the paddlers at and what grade water will they be paddling?

EDIT: I take it after a bit of googling you will be open canoeing on flat water in Ontario, Canada?

If you use google you will find local canoe guides. Six:eek:ne should be fine on flat lakeland, but check with local guides , as I dont know the exact area in which you are going. Persoanlly if you can get funding I would use a local guide - they know all the best spots and provide a bit of local knowledge.
All very relevent questions....
Its going to be open canoe. Along rivers in the calgary area (near to Trails End Camp).

All canoeist that will be going have had experience on flat water but as of yet no quals gained. I'm looking to get everyone qualified to a basic level if possible.


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