CANOEING - Army Canoeing Sprint & Marathon Championships

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Goatman, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Goatman

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    Army Canoeing Sprint & Marathon Championships
    Audience: All Army Personnel

    Notice for Army Canoeing Sprint & Marathon Championships
    Sponsor: Army Canoe Union Sprint and Marathon Secretary : Capt J D King

    1. The annual Army Sprint and Marathon Canoe Racing Championships will be held over the weekend 22/23
    Jul 06 on the picturesque River Wye in South Wales.

    2. The Championships are designed to cater for all standards of Army canoeist from the complete novice to the
    international competitor. A major aim of the event is to encourage beginners to participate in competitive canoe
    racing. Units do not need specialist canoes or prior experience to participate in the basic classes and these are
    usually the most popular events using the plastic general-purpose canoes on issue to most units.

    3. The Sprint Championship is held on Sat 22 Jul 06 and takes place over 500m and 1000m. the Marathon
    Championship follows on Sun 23 Jul 06 over distances of 5 or 12 miles depending on the type of canoe and

    4. In addition to the individual events in each Championship, units are able to enter teams in the team competitions
    and the criteria for these are covered in the Administrative Instruction.

    5. Entry fees are £5.00 per head / seat for both the Sprint and Marathon Championships. The fee to enter the
    team competition in EACH Championship is £10.00 per team (on top of the £5.00 per seat fee).

    7. Further details, advice and comprehensive ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTIONS can be obtained in DIN 2006DIN02-137