Canoe Man and his wife expect Labour peerages!

Keep an eye on these two unfortunate jokers: I predict that before the decade is out, they will both receive New Liarbour Peerages for services to the Liarbour Party.

What magic timing it is for the spin doctors and for the Unelected and Unrepresentative ex-Chancellor Mr Gordon 'I've been to the desert' Sh1t-Brown. Their appearance couldn't have come at a more convenient time. Am I too cynical, or do you too believe that them floating to the surface NOW has all been carefully stage managed by Sir Ian Bliar, the Liarbour Party's chief pocket-Pig and his merry men?

Whilst all the bollox about them, and let's not forget that they are now in custody, is being trumpeted by every News media, the Government's corruption and illegal Donation scandal has miraculously slipped from not just the Headlines, or the Front pages but from the whole shagging scene! Genius! Miss Jo Moore (Twin Towers - remember?) would be proud. Then again, Northern Rock..... anyone remember that? Was it £39 Billion? Unberfuckinglievable.


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You aren't half being cynical you know. You'll be saying that the news outlets are in collusion with the gobment in burying bad news . . .
I would agree with you but this Government couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel never mind something like this.
Wendy Alexander, Peter Hain, Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman, all together now - HUGE sigh of relief......
Media barons doing New Liarbore a favour?.

What would they expect in return? Honours,tax concessions?

Perish the thought!!!!

It could never happen with our uncorruptable government.

Then again.............

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