Canoe Bags

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by copper_knobblet, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. I've been and got myself a canoe bag and I've been playing with it. I've packed my bergan using a 100litre bag and filled it right up and I'm bloody exhausted.

    The thing would crumple at the bottom which meant I couldn't fit everything I wanted to until after I fought it for half an hour and started to cry. And then it just seems like a bad idea for a bug out, it seemed to take a lot more effort to get stuff in there.

    Do they tend to give a bit after a while because mines pretty stiff? Are they worth this seeming extra hassle? I don't want to be desperately trying to stuff my doss bag in there at zero dark thirty in the rain with exercise claw after a bug out.
  2. I think you may have bought one of those cheap ones mate (I did the same myself first time round), they are too thick and inflexible.

    Go for an Ortlieb one they are thinner and much better to use, try selling the one you have to a crow.
  3. Bugger. I was thinking thicker = stronger and better. Got it from a mate.
  4. If its not working for you, take it back and get a refund, as Jack says, yours sounds a bit too rigid and inflexible.
    Personally, I prefer to use two smaller canoe bags, one for my dry clothing and one for my doss bag. Everything else, goes into clear zip-loc plastic bags, rations, medical kit etc that way its easy to find what your looking for.
  5. Sound advice, I've quite a few Ortleib's they do two grades, thick and bullet proof and a thinner and lighter one, as its going in your bergen and on your back go for the thinner ones, which are cheaper too. :D
  6. Also, don't buy the 'made for a bergen' ortlieb size. Buy the XL one (109 litres). The 'specially made' one is actually shorter and by the time it's crumpled up you can't close the fooka. The XL one is a good foot/18 inches higher than the bergen, so this isn't a problem.

    BTW, if you're planning on bergen rafting with it, they're not 100% waterproof. Some H2O still gets in the top 'seal', so use your bivy bag too.
  7. Beat me to it. Good advice.
  8. What size would someone recommend just for putting the bouncing bomb and the bivvy bag inside it?

    My bag is a tracpac - is that sh!t?
  9. TracPac is what I had and yes it is sh!t. Mag to grid.
  10. What thickness of Ortlieb? I've had a look at them and I'm not sure which one would be best. They're a tad more expensive so would like to buy only one!
  11. Oh and get a life, it's friday night stop worrying about your kit and worry about which lovely little lady will play hide the sausage with you tonight :wink:
  12. Are they to have a sh1t in?
  13. Don't forget Ebay, I've seen them on there for as little as £2! Second hand but hey, you can even get puncture repair kits for them.

    Remember there are various sizes and the material comes in three grades/strengths/weights PD17(lightest) PD350 (medium)and PD 490? Shop around and don't pay more than you have to, 5 mins on google showed prices vary by as much as £10 per bag.
  14. Sorry to bring up an old thread.

    The 109L version, is this suitable for both the long and short back bergans?