Canoe Accident

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bokkatankie, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Three children and a father die in Highland canoe tragedy - Telegraph
    Jamie Beaton, two, and his five-year-old brother Ewen, drowned and their father Ewen Fraser Beaton, 32, was last night missing with coastguards saying there was no hope of finding him alive.

    Gracie Mackay, five, also died in hospital after being found unconscious in the water following the accident on Sunday afternoon.

    Her father Garry, 36, and eight year old sister Callie swan 500 metres to the shore.

    Now we all know that this is a dangerous sport, whatever the conditions the thing can and will capsize.

    What was going through the minds of these two loving dads when they decided this was a good idea.

    It is tragic sad loss of childrens lives but for the life of me there is stupidity writ large in this!
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  2. Agree tragic loss of generations of a family. Trying not to play the scenario out in my mind
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  3. Fecking tragedy I agree. But I understand conditions were far from ideal and as you say, these canoes (any canoe/kayak) are inherently unstable. I think, to be kind, this was a gross error of judgement. Sympathy to the families involved.
  4. Lets not forget the RNLI crew and volunteer Coastguard teams who had to deal with a tragedy that would test the strongest of people. I have allways held these guys in high regard this tragic incident has just reinforced that veiw.
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  5. Sadly they are and will always be the unsung heros in this type of tragedy.
  6. Is say its a relatively safe activity as long as you are properly equipped and don't get in over your head.
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  7. Only inherently unstable if you jam 6 people into one...
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  8. Hence, my assertion it was an error of judgement.
  9. Indeed. Operator error not equipment failure.
  10. Not necessarily. Canadian Canoes tend to have quite high sides, which is useful in that, when they are loaded, the centre of gravity can be made to be quite a bit lower than the centre of bouyancy (it is this height difference - the metacentric height - which governs stability) so that the more heavily-laden it is, the more stable it is. Having children in one of these canoes is, however, a recipe for disaster, as they will be inclined not to want to sit down, and by standing or moving around will make the thing more unstable.
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  11. Emporer Mong is about right. I mean a two year old? Unpredictable and flighty at the best of times. Bloody shame.
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  12. There must be a small element of blame put on the hire company here for letting this boat out with so many children in it. Where TF was simple commonsense here?

    All they had to do was to say, nope, sorry, no children under the age of five, and EVERYBODY MUST wear PLJs.

  13. If three kids drowned despite wearing floatation devices, it sounds like the wrong floatation devices were worn. And if the dads had been wearing life jackets, you'd presume that they would have been able to round the kids up. That said, there'd still be a chance of fatalities due to the coldness of the water.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing - unless you're the dad who survived.

    I tipped a kayak over half way across Loch Lomond in my youth and was very grateful that a passing canoeist was an expert - unlike the group that I was canoeing with - and managed to get me back in. That warm water by the bank isn't the same water that's a few hundred yards away from the shore.
  14. Hmmm.... very difficult to get the CG below the centre of bouyancy when your boat draws 6"...
  15. Anyone else have the pleasure of going on EX in the area of this incident? It's howling - who would go on holiday there?!