Cannucks show they are "bovvered"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbrownprivates, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Bust up when Chaz & Camilla went visiting

    I find this rather funny.

    For a country that specialises in having the interest factor of a flatlined heart monitor, whose "fiscal" sense has been the subject of mutual canadian circle jerks for the last year and to quote a former british ambassador:
    this level of emotion is quite seismic.
    then you remember they are quebcois....

    Does explain some of the rather fit ladies in Montreal though
  2. pfft, it's only the french canadians of quebec -- the rest of canada looks at them with a certain amount of embarrassment. That lot is the Quebec-independance group, who are taken as seriously as those cornish people who've suggested independance
  3. Apparantly more than a 100 people turned up... imagine.. . the sheer terror of it...
  4. In the third piccie from the bottom of the article (it's a double piccie, so the one on the left), Chas is giving an Andrew (or Septic) salute. Shouldn't it be a proppa British Army salute, or do the Canucks salute like that anyway? It's been so long since I've had any truck with Canuck squaddies that I can't remember how they salute.

  5. There is at least one uniformed chap in the background saluting in the same fashion, presumably the Canadian way?

    On another note, shouldn't somebody point out to those Quebec French types that europe is now a united continent (admittedly much to my disgust) and the independence is now out of fashion, even with the French themselves.
  6. They're a law unto themselves. There's even a mutual loathing between them and the French.

  7. Yeah they salute like the Yanks, all the rest of their drill is the same as ours, although when I paraded with them it all went to rat sh!t as the SM barked out the orders in french!

    But even still, Charlie should have kept the British end up and slauted the British way.

  8. Quebecois!, A Cannuk I served with in Cyprus told me they are known as "GORF,S", backward Frogs, seems just about the right description somehow for failed Frenchies. :roll: :roll: :D :D
  9. When I was in Canada, there were some real French with us. The Canadian Frogs would come mincing up talking French and making out they were the best of pals.

    As they walked away one of the French lads turned to me and said "Fcuking Pepsi's", when I said "What do you mean?" this just resulted in a rant about how American they are with their baseball caps, stupid clothes etc. and how they have bastardised the beautiful French language. Had me pissing myself with laughter.

  10. Um, wasn't Charlie in the Andrew? Don't all the RN salute like that?
  11. I reckon they still can't get over the Battle of Quebec. Bad drills those froggies though for only turning out 100 protesters. :wink: How do they ever expect to win their freedom from Les Anglais? :lol: Right! Time for a top level strategy session lads. Keep the vin and the Gaulois coming, wench! :p :p


    "Major General Wolfe.
    Who, at the Expence of his Life, purchas'd immortal Honour for his Country, and planted,with his own Hand, the British Laurel, in the inhospitable Wilds of North America, By the Reduction of Quebec, Septr. 13th. 1759."
  12. Storm in a teacup ...