Cannot Remove empty folder

I have a folder on my desk top which I have moved all the content onto an external hard drive. I have then dragged the now empty folder to the recycle bin, but I keep getting the following message:

"Cannot delete folder: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again."

Its a completely empty folder and I can't figure out what it thinks could be using it.

It gives the same message if I try to rename it as well.

Completely stumped ( On the what to do front, not not in a k13EOD style) :p
Tried a restart, then tried a full switch off and unplugged for a few minutes and still no joy. So I thought I'd try the wisdom of arrse. Thanks anyway Legs.
clever_user_name said:
Is there an active shortcut operating to the folder (such as in a dock, etc)? That will prevent deletion.
Right click the folder and select properties. If there is an active shortcut then it should show up?

Failing that, the simplest way round it is to NEVER use anything from this tool:


Try this to find out if it really is empty:

>>Settings/Control Panel--
>>Control panel--
>>Appearances & Themes--
>>Folder Options--

Click on the "View" tab--

8 or 9 options down, click the "show hidden files & folders"
Click "Apply" - Don't click OK yet.

Go back to the folder you're trying to delete and check what's in it.

Remember, hidden files may be system files, so be carefull what you delete.

When your're finished, go back to the Folder Options window and click "Do not show hidden files & folders", click Apply, click OK.
It could be corrupt. Try taking owenership, re-add permisssions. Try starting in Safe mode (as metioned above)

Move it to the corner of your screen and tipex over it.
smudge67 said:
Move it to the corner of your screen and tipex over it.
Fuck off! How gash would that look?

Try moving it (as mentioned) and then add a new, slightly wider border, with some carefully applied black nasty.

No need to thank me...
Switched PC off went home, Just come back in and booted up, the folders gone??? PC at work has been acting weird lately and needs binning, its a 2001 Model so ancient for a PC. Thanks for all the suggestions. Smudge according to the boss here tippex is a dangerous substance because it gives off "Fumes". Would Emulsion be ok? Theres a tin of Magnolia under the stairs that needs using.

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