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Cannot remember the name of the appliance insurance company - any ideas?

Be warned - do NOT buy any extended warranty over the phone! My washing machine warranty had nearly run out and I got a call from (I assumed) the same company offering me a 3 year deal for a good price, which I took up and received paperwork giving an emergency callout number. During the next year, I received a number of calls trying to sell me extended warranty, which I fobbed off, saying I already had it. After a year, I started to smell a rat and rang the emergency number, which rang and rang and rang - no reply. I looked at the paperwork and looked up the company on the internet. As luck would have it, they were Brighton based so I went down to pay them a visit. Spoke to the security guy who said that they had moved out 'about a year ago'. Went back to Google and found another Brighton address for them and went down there. This office block was a bit more difficult to get into, but I eventually found the unit they were supposed to be in. It was a lighting company - spoke to people in another office and they said 'oh, that lot, they weren't here long - left about 6 months ago, but they weren't a very pleasant bunch'. Another search on Google turned up an accomodation address in London. As luck would have it, I paid on my credit card and contacted them who eventually got my money back. Now, I'm covered on my home insurance.

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