Cannot finilise website - need help

I cannot finilise my website. I'm stuck at trying to add's reviews and star ratings on my site.
I'm a Amazon associate and on their web thingy service but it's like reading Arabic with two blind eyes. I understand that it is English but can't make out what the F*ck they are talking about.

I need help either to just finish the basic boring Frontpage web site or need to contract an ex-serviceman / woman to build a better version for me.
Author of
Diary of a Sapper
Will try and help a fellow sapper where I can

Can you send me the link to your site if active

If not, have you considered binning off Frontpage because its cack and use a basic online site builder that usually comes with your hosting package, these should accommodate the embedding of the javascript code for Amazon widgets or product links.

What are you trying to achieve with your site
D'ya remember all those exersize books littering your APC / 432 / Bridgelayer? Likes Devil's Guard / Legionaire or Chickenhawk? Well I wanted to pass my knowledge of these military classics on to the guys who are serving now. They are reading a whole new series of military memoirs and could miss out on these that we read.

The site is called and isn't hosted yet as, being a Sapper, I don't want to put out anything that isn't perfect.

I've got it finished except for putting the amazon reviews on and allowing visitors to add their own reviews. This is where I reached my knowledge limit.

I bought idiots guide to Frontpage and even tried to learn Dreamweaver CS4. [what a hopeless exercise in time wasting that was. I spent a whole day trying to understand the basic terminology that you needed just to read the book!]

I skipped the 1&1 web site maker as I read on the Internet that their sites were very 'samey'.

Each book will have a page where there is my comments,'s reviews including the star rating and a link to to buy the book at the second hand price. {most are £0.01 ha ha ha}

I contacted a web designer in my town and he said he had just built a site just like this so he had the format and then asked me for £3500 to cut and paste!

I'd happily pay a couple of hundred quid to get this up and running but no more. It's not a money earner (I don't want adverts.. although having adverts does give the site a professional look as only amateur sites don't have adverts??? What do you do?)

I live in Rawtenstall, Lancs. Are you able to help?


p.s. any idea on how to make this stupid picture of the book smaller?
bernie843 said:
p.s. any idea on how to make this stupid picture of the book smaller?
I can help there:

Load the image, click on Image -> Resize/Resample and set the size you want. Then save it with a different name in case you need the large image again.

Have you thought about joining and transfer your domain name there, you can then build your site using their easy build instructions, alternatively you could always ask Micky Ruston, author the 'Our Lad Ricky' books, his site is doing the job and looks quite good.
Hi mate, would be glad to help

1. The image you have in your sig block is directly hosted at lulu, where you sell your book so cant be resized. A custom signature block is easy, I will sort one out for you but you need to host the image. Go to and set yourself a free account up. Then upload the image and paste the IMG code into your signature. bingo

The code block should look something like this

[url=][IMG]###PUT YOUR IMAGE URL HERE###[/IMG][/url]

As the others say, you have loads of options, various site builders with hosting, Google Site Builder, Blogger and Wordpress spring to mind.


What you want to do sounds very much like a blog, there are even more options here.

You can sign up for most of them for free and see how you find it, get some experience and then when you are happy point your domain to the blog address to your freshly completed blog pages.

you might need some support for this because it will involve nameservers and DNS so speak to your domain hosting company and get them to walk you through it.

Do a search on Blogger or Worpdress templates and you will find loads of good looking templates that will allow you to make the site look decent.

Adding Amazon links and A store widgets is pretty easy once the site is running

I think 1and1 has a blog builder that looks like it is based on Wordpress so have a dabble with that

As Gundulph suggests, contact Michael Ruston, he is the site and here


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