Cannot find the CD/DVD drive

Just came back from a couple of weeks away (working). PC seems to work fine - well fine-ish. Today, I tried to look at a CD ROM, but when I put it in, nothing happened. Tried to get it to work using the run function. Again nothing. Looked at My Computer - no CD/DVD drive present.

It used to work alright, so I tried Sytem Restore (this is an XP machine) to restore it back to the earliest possible date. Drive F (local disk) appears in My Computer - WTF? Still no CD/DVD drive? This annoying as I was going to copy some stuff to disc.

Is it possible this is a software setting issue? If so, can I correct it? If not, time to get new drive fitted.
This sounds like a hardware problem, check the connections of the drive to the motherboard, if all is ok then yes a new drive is required.

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