cannot claim off the army

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UKChrisT, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Last night I spoke to our QPSI cpl and she mentioned if we brought our own kit e.g sleeping bag, then came down with hyperthermia whilst out in the field etc we couldn't claim off the Army, same with footwear as well apparently I personally thought it was ridiculous.

    How long has this been in force?
  2. Why do you think it ridiculous?
  3. Quite a while I guess as it makes perfect sense.....

    Why should the army cough up for an ill-advised purchasing and kit packing decision that you made?
  4. I suppose I can see partly where the Army is coming from, but we're suppose to be "professional soliders" i'm sure most of us will buy and use the kit properly.

    Only an idiot is going to go out and buy a summer sleeping bag when it's winter 8O
  5. Well buy a softie 3 and spend a night in the Highlands of Scotland in winter.... :wink:

    The Issue kit has been tested to the enviroments we work in...its not alway the best but it works..
    A lot of the Gucci kit on the other hand does not ! :p
  6. For a few years now. Brought in because of all the admin case tools who went down whilst using a 'Millets Special Offer' doss bag at minus 10 then deemed it necessary that they must be compensated as it was the army's fault. You sound like one of the aforementioned 'tools'.
  7. same with the boots, so don't buy the swanky Lowas. Or do, but when you break yourself, take responsiblity for your own actions and don't sue people.
  8. Yeah wear issued ones. Then you will get trashed and can claim!
  9. I'm not to bothered regarding footwear I think the issued boots are more than enough - I used to have problems at first but that's because prior to joining I only wore trainers.

    I was just concerned because I was looking to buy my own sleeping bag, but this thread has probably made me think otherwise...
  10. The issued temperate bag may be big and bulky but I've never been cold in it in this country, down to -5 or so.
  11. why? the bag is comfyish and warm enough. And if you beat it with a sledge hammer you can get it in your bergen. Why spend money on a sleeping bag when you can spend your money on genuine SAS survival knives and garrotting kits?
  12. Is hasn't 'been in force' as such. Every employer (including the MOD) has a duty to ensure safe system of work, appropriate clothing and adequate training etc. It's what most lay people call 'duty of care'. If they fail to provide any of the above, they are negligent and therefore potentially liable. If they have supplied you with boots (which by the way are generally very good and tested 'fit for purpose') and you choose not to wear them - whose at fault?

    Having got my issue of kit for a sandy tour recently I was astounded at the quality and quality of the gear. I grew out of buying kit when they finally started to provide decent stuff. I am afraid the TA suffer from this syndrome more than most (I am ex-TA now reg), so unless it is absolutely necessary, don't buy gear you don't need.
  13. The issue gonker , while heavy is more than suitable, especially inside a Bivvy bag. Toasty as fcuk. Too hot in summer? Just get inside the bivvy bag.

    There are lighter bags around, that are approved I think , a QM can tell you which they are.

    Rule of thumb for me is, if you need to sleep in it or tab in it, use the issue kit. Exercise clothing is different, as long as it is 'In good repair, and conforms to British DPM pattern" as I've been told
  14. UKChris T, I am sorry that you find it ridiculous that you can't claim for hypothermia for caused by non issue kit or footwear. On building sites you see signs saying No hard hat or No Toe Tector Boots = NO JOB.

    I used to work for Wimpy Homes as a labourer before the credit crunch and decline in the construction. I wore my wives pink fluffy slippers to work one day and dropped an RSJ on my foot. I was off work for 6 months after surgery and having my toes and foot rebuild.

    Being a pugnacious Ambulance Chaser I sued my employer as it was his fault. The fooking judge threw the case out as I was not wearing / using equipment that I should have had.

    Comprendez ?

    Rules are for the ignorance of fools and the guidance of wise men !!
  15. I see exactly we're you are coming from.

    I have heard stories regarding how crap the old issued kit used to be, I personally cannot say for the simple reason I haven't been in long... I have found kit I have been issued with so far to be of a high standard (I was one of the lucky ones to get all brand new kit too...) the only thing I was looking to buy was a sleeping bag but like a lot of guys have mentioned the issued one even if it is big and bulky does its job.

    So I think i've found my answer, stick to issued kit as much as I can...