Cannibal Kraut

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by one_flew_over, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. Yeah, just seen this on the 10 o'clock news (Gasp! Student watching news?)
    I think I'm more disturbed by the fact that this guy (supposedly) voluntarily let himself be killed and eaten. You might have to be slightly unhinged to eat another human being, but how unhinged do you have to be to offer yourself up as the main course? 8O
  2. I think it's called Darwinian selection. Good riddance, some people just don't need to foul the gene pool.
  3. Yeah, it's like that cow from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.
  4. Have you seen the geezers boat race? (Nnneigh) Looks to me like he got fed-up eating apples through letter boxes and opted for a bit of meat inside him (Oo-er)
  5. I wouldn't have started with his willy though. If it was a woman, were would you start ??
  6. I'd start by stitching her gob up.
  7. Excellent. Could start with some of the wimen gobshites on ARRSE..........
  8. Priceless Snake, priceless :lol:
  9. You've got to be 'out of your tree' to want to eat someone (or possibly very hungry), and it gets a little too 'Hanibal Lecktor' for me when he decides to invite his meal round to his flat, chat, drink coffee and video the whole thing.

    But this Bernd-Jurgen Brandes must have been several miles further down the 'Loopy Line' with a first class ticket on the 'Insane Express'! Not only did he volunteer (and we all know that breaks the BIG 'Rule One'), he joined in the first course of fried todger and, according to the papers, said before he bled to death (10 hours later!) that if he was still alive by the morning he'd join his host in sharing a breakfast of his knackers!!!!

    There are some sick people out there, and there may be more who want to eat rather than be eaten!! 8O
  10. I always like prawn cocktail for an entree, so the clitoris first I think, same shape and taste :p
  11. Not like the woman I was with last month. Tasted and smelt like sardines in tomato sauce.............
  12. GH.... Not like the woman I was with last month. Tasted and smelt like sardines in tomato sauce......

    God GH, not necrophilia again! I'm sure that's how they taste to you dear....yuck! 8O
    But GH, Shotgun was on about LIVE woman, but then that would be a whole New World for you..... :roll:
  13. Starting with the newest gobshite on ARRSE, BlessedBintBabyBlondecakesfrank, or whatever his/her name is. Gobshite. And don't say bite me, fatty, it's like a repeating record.
  14. Oh GH, you're so easy.... :roll:
    Bite me!