Cannibal German Sergeants in Black Pudding Madness!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by seemahpoint, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Cannibal German Sergeants in Black Pudding Madness!

    Well, bugger me! (Is it wrong that I have considered something similar myself? Just as well I'm idle.)

    "The two sergeants had plans to mass produce the sausages using the blood of comrades and family members they wanted to let in on their little scheme.

    But their commanding officers scuppered their catering sideline when one of their fellow soldiers complained: "I have been asked to give blood for sausage making and I want to know if this is against regulations."

    The problem for a military tribunal is that cannibalism itself is not in the German military rulebook. A source at the base at Fuerstenfeldbrueck, where the men worked in the medical department, said: "They will probably have to hit them with something like bringing the service into disrepute or disgracing the honour of the squadron.

    "No-one has a clue what they were up to. It's not some weird gay thing - just weird. "
  2. Jesus don't let MOD see this, it will probably become compulsory :crying:
  3. I heard they did something similar with lampshades once.

  4. I've have a recollection that this was seriously proposed during the Last Unpleasantness as a way of dealing with blood transfusion stocks that were going out of date.
    Magnus Pyke CLICKY
  5. :rofl:
  6. There's something endearingly German about this only coming to light when one of them asks the CO "Man hat mich Blut zu geben um Schwarzwurst zu machen gefragt, ist es verboten, mein Kapitan?" Or something.

    This was going to be the main course:

    Sick fvcks.
  7. PMSL :rofl:anyone know whatQ.Rs says about it
  8. Id rather eat human black pudding than some of the sh!t (litterally) they eat in german pornos.