Cannae be arrsed with SPOC at this time...


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... so I'll ask quickly on here.

Does anyone know how to check the MAC address of a DII laptop? I'm shirking from home while my office gets reshuffled into a different ivory tower, and I'm using the BT Multipoint thing which is generally pretty good. However, my home router is configured to only allow a certain number of clients on, and each wireless device (seven at the last count...) in my house is assigned a specific IP within the range. Only my work laptop is missing its own address, which starts causing conflicts when other devices start connecting after it. Since Atlas don't trust us with half the useful settings (because obviously a user could fuck up DII worse than they did...), I can't access Device Manager and check.

Alternative, non-admin, methods for checking the MAC address would be gratefully appreciated!
Why have you configured your home wireless like this?

Bin MAC address filtering, as it adds no additional security and let DHCP hand out the IP addresses.



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Basically, what MSR said!!

The reason why the filthy contractors lock it all down is that you simply plug and play and not muck about with anything so you can't break it - no matter how much of a whizz you may think you are (that is a royal you).

Confiscate the kids wireless nerdstation or whatever device they are surfing porn and FB on. Just plug the cable in the back - fire up the DII Laptop and let it do its thing.
What does a battle of the Second Punic War have to do with the First Officer of the Enterprise?

Confused of Vulcan.


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It's not MAC address filtering, it's just limiting the number of addresses my router hands out - and then assigning a specific address to each device as it logs on. The problem this raises with the work laptop is that if the laptop connects first, it could get one of the other (at the point unconnected) devices' addresses. When that device then connects, it attempts to grab its address back and causes an addressing conflict with the laptop. If I can find the MAC of the laptop I can give it its own address within the router.

And for the record, I'm the one with the profusion of wireless nerdstations, porn and Basefuck :D
First, find out the IP address of the laptop.

then from another computer on the network:

Open command prompt.

Type ping ip address (ip address is that of the laptop e.g.

Type arp -a

This will then show MAC addresses resolved by that computer.

Why are you handing out specific IP addresses to specific machines? Can you not let DHCP just do its stuff?



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Monkey, Utred - no access to the command line so no "ipconfig".

MSR, to be honest I assumed those addresses would only be assigned to the specified devices, so anything else attempted to connect would be told to poke off. Evidently this isn't the case, else I wouldn't be getting the conflict!

Out of interest, is this likely to be the reason behind my PC taking absolutely funking AGES to connect to the wireless at times? Sometimes, after boot-up, it can be 10-20 minutes before I have an Internet connection - although no other devices seem to suffer in the same way.
Can I suggest that you turn DHCP on on the router and automatic IP addressing on on the clients, set a bigger range of addresses than you have computers trying to connect and see what happens?

I have no idea why one computer should take that long to connect, but it may be related to the above point.

to get the command line up

Windows + r

They won't have blocked it unless tehy have a really wierd support system for their desktop people.
Doubt this is still needed. But if you are still looking for the mac address on your DII machine, just go into Start > All Programs > Defence CIS SPOC. This will bring up system information inclusing IP and MAc address. However if you are setting it up to only dish out a few IP addresses, bare in mind that you wont get connection to the DII network unless your IP address starts 25.If you set up a network using private IP addresses it will most lily give u an address starting 192.
Cheers, yeah I just turned off all the pointless posh rubbish on my router and let things happen naturally! However it hasn't helped my PC, which still regularly fails to connect to the router via wireless for anything from 2-10 minutes. Strangely, focusing the attention of the PC elsewhere (i.e. running a game for a minute or so) tends to help.

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