Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by skinny00, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. :? hi,im currentl tryin to join the infantry,but i have justtaken my medical questionairre to my gp and she whipped out my records and pointed out to me that i had seen her back in 2006 for help to stop smoking weed.i had afew appointments and stopped it but now im worried that this will go against me,does anyone know the score on this one cheers?
  2. Admit you used to smoke it, but you don't anymore. I did, and it did me no harm.

    Now....can you please pass that crack pipe............shhhhhhhhh.......aaahhhhhhhhhh.....thanks :D
  3. i didnt lie about smokin it just wondered if mattered how long ago?
  4. As long as you're open and honest and tell them, like smu... sorry prince albert says, you will be fine.

    Anyone up for a line?
  5. I didn't say that you had lied. It doesn't matter. Just don't do it whilst you're serving.
  6. From the Army Jobs website:

    Personally I reckon if they imposed a ban on recruiting anyone who had ever took an illegal substance it would be the British Platoon, not the British Army.
  7. cheers prince albert,so im guessin how long ago doesnt matter? :twisted:
  8. As long as you didn't give up yesterday and say "I used to smoke cannabis" then you'll be fine. I think 3 month clean is a good start.
  9. snorted!!!!!! oops imeant sorted 8)
  10. If you have a conviction for supply, intent to supply or production it is a permanent ban to joining.

    If you have taken certain Class A substances it can also be a permanent ban, also the decision to allow you to enlist rests upon the frequency of the habit so to speak.

    Occassional use and frequent use will be down to the recruiter to decide, habitual use for a long period of time is likely to be a permanent ban.

    Oh and the Army employ CDT, and it does get employed at Phase 1 on a regular basis, it detects any drugs you have taken in a period of up to 3 months in most cases and if found positive it will get you thrown out during Phase 1 regardless of whether or not you took it prior to joining the Army or in training.

    If you have taken drugs then you owe it to not only yourself but the tax payer to make sure you have stopped at least 3 months before you join the Army but if you are focussed on a career in the Army then you should stop the day you apply! ;)

    There are no excuses, it is a zero tolerance policy and only the Commanding Officer gets to decide your fate on the matter ;)
  11. Don't worry about it. After all, most officers are on crack for most of their career.
  12. stop smokin tht green sh** lolol , who wants to be on the frontline with some paranoid pothead standing with a rifle next to you :cool:
  13. you talking about the locals in afhgan again ?
  14. lol desktopcommando, on jack a soldiers story one of the afghans was smoking it during a contact he immediately stepped out from cover and started letting off some rounds only for his MAGAZINE to be hit by a round lol But Allah saved him.
  15. Hey, it works for the 1st Bn, The Queens Ganja Rifles -