Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moto_psycho, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. The last of my concerns to be honest, how much is a half ounce in the army :?

    On a serious note, I used to smoke it a lot, and since just before christmas I havnt touched it, not for army joining reasons just for general quality of life reasons, my problem is, literally every one of my friends is a toker, which means I spend time in some smokey atmospheres, if I have small traces of cannabis in my system, will it land me in the shit?

    As said I have NOT SMOKED ANY even this year, so before people assume that I'm trying to get away with 1 last smoke up, im not, I am genuinely concerned and I dont want to have to hide away from my friends for a month prior.

  2. I don't know how thr CDT's work, but a mate of mine has told me they can generally tell wether drugs in your system are passive or not.
    However, I'd play it safe mate and stear clear of the stuff all together.
    If you are caught with it in your system, your well and truly up shit creek.
  3. ill speak to the careers advisor when i go in for my barb on the 16th about it, hopefully they can tell!!
  4. If you want to join, stear clear, that's just the sacrifice you'll have to make if you are really serious.

    If hanging around with your mates is more important than the biggest step that you will ever actually make, then have a long hard think as to whether you should be signing up.

    There'll be plenty of time after you have left to get toked. I know :)
  5. "Cannabis is from this month a Class B drug, following a controversial decision by the Home Secretary to ignore independent medical recommendations to keep the drug Class C."

    The legislation to upgrade the drugs says police should issue a warning for a first offence, an £80 fine for a second offence and should initiate a prosecution for a third offence.
  6. i know this is the biggest move in my life so far, and im damn excited, i spose its best to just avoid the evenings then, or at least crack a window

  7. and...? :?

    this picture says it all really

    as said, im not smoking it, ive quit cause to be honest its shit
  8. Soldier Arrested in house where large amounts of cannabis is seized.

    Soldier linked to Drug Dealers.

    Soldier arrested in house used as Cannabis factory.

    All potential headlines. Ditch the losers and ask yourself why you're not carrying on like them and instead doing something better with your life.

    Within 6 - 12 months most of your Civvy mates will be off your radar anyway.

    The last thing you need is to be stopped in a car with your mates when some weed is found.
  9. Be warned and don't do it.

    Home office says this:

    Class B drugs
    Include: Cannabis, Skunk, amphetamines, Codeine, Methylphenidate (Ritalin), Pholcodine
    Penalties for possession: Up to five years in prison or an unlimited fine. Or both
    Penalties for dealing: Up to 14 years in prison or an unlimited fine. Or both.

    No need to thank me....... 8)
  10. How funny this thread is.
    Since you all think our army is just one cannabis fest,I tell you that we have a zero tolerance policy. And zero tolerance means zero as in 0
    nowt nada nothing

    I've seen guys getting kicked from their personal interview .
    "so, did you ever do drugs'" ?
    "err... yes sir. I smoked a few cannabis fags,but that was about 4 years ago....

    "Thank you for your time, goodbye" ..... "Next !!!!! "
  11. If more employers had this attitude towards drugs you know what would happen?

    We would lose applicants.

    However what we would gain are a better quality of applicant and a society that is less tolerant to drugs. Who knows - The useful members of society might even go out of their way to alienate the stereotypical drugs user and cause more to pull away from drugs use.

    Ah, but for an ideal world!
  12. In Holland? I thought you were all long haired hippies?
  13. Whilst you all walk around with a bowl hat and a umbrella.
    You realy need to broaden your horizon mate :wink:
  14. No, drugs are not funny. The effects and costs are also never funny. As noted by drugs workers, families, and hostel and homeless workers everywhere.

    In this crusty old fart's opinion, leave it alone.
  15. As for the practicalities, I don't know.... if you got CDTd then maybe it would pick up your previous use or your "passive" use.

    Onthe matter of your "friends". YOU are about to embark on a career that could last 24 years, maybe longer if you are good. You will receive training that others only dream of, not just physcial and military orientated. You will have the chances to take part in Adventure Training such as skiing in Austria, canoeing in Norway or parachuting in Cyprus.

    You've seen the adverts and the paperwork.

    Now look at your loser mates, who are still toking the bong.

    Worth sticking with them?

    You've had your experiment, man up, join up and live life to the full. The oppurtunties are there.

    Or have another toke.