Cannabis medical exam

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by freshage, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. when i hear back from my application, if i get through, i have to do my medical... now, on the 1st of november i went with my mate for her 21st, loads of us, brilliant night... only i took a couple of tokes on a spliff for the first time. ive always been strongly against drugs due to my uncle committing suicide due to taking drugs... wasnt pretty

    now, my only worry is that next week when i hear back and if i get through to the medical... what will happen? will there be a drugs test? if so will it pick up a couple of tokes? i smoke tobacco (rollis) very often, around 20-30 a day (i know, its not good, but its damn addictive :()

    what do you guys think?

  2. So your joining up, Have never taken drugs before and just before your medical you decide to smoke cannabis??

    I hope it does pick it up and they tell you to do one. Your an idiot in my opinion

    This is probably a Wahh as no one is that dense!
  3. I'll bite too. Wah or no Wah, you're a throbber of the highest order. Please don't have children, and feel free to stop breathing at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks for playing.
  4. I think, You're a bellend.

    Oh, and you look like a Gayer in your picture, You fucknut.

    Epic Wah.
  5. What do I think? I think it's bloody stupid to do, knowing you will be having a medical for an employer with a highly publicised zero- tolerance drugs misuse policy. "Only a couple of tokes" or not, it is still illegal regardless of there being an inbound CDT or not.
  6. oh wow, some real mature people in this forum.... and yes, this was the first time, i was very pissed and barely remember doing it, i was told today by my mate when we were discussing the party. so piss off if you havnt got anything nice to say.

  7. thought as much, ill let the person who i speak to first regarding my application know so i can reschedule my medical. unless if detected or 'known' that the person took it prevents them getting into the army alltogether?

  8. Nice??

    Do you think this site is some sort of drop in centre for civvy fcuktards who cant be bothered??

    You gobbed off at how your uncle topped himself through drugs but you still went for it. That to me suggests youre thicker than a whales foreskin.

    BTW. You look like a child molester in your picture.
  9. What exactly do you want us to say???
    Yes its fine dont worry it was only the first time?? You commited yourself to joining up to a job that requires self discipline and failed at the first hurdle.
    Dont come on here and get anti just because the answer you heard was not the one you wanted!!
  10. no, i gathered this site would help with some questions i had as well as some decent ******* members who had the maners to give that help... obviously thats a little bit too difficult for some. and thanks for the feedback on my picture, like i give a toss what some internet prick said anyway. and i was simply stateing why i think drugs are stupid (all be it i done the retard thing of taking a minor amount which i will admit hands up was a stupid mistake). i am not using my uncle as a excuse to my story if thats what your saying.
  11. Does that make it all OK then? Christ, if only I knew before!
    I'd better get on to my mates who lost their licences and commanders pay- they were really pissed too, bet they never knew about this loophole!

  12. You write like a disabled three year old with a crayon stuck ups its nose.

    I dont see much of a future for you in HMF if you get mardy at a bit of banter.

    What you need to do is grow up a little bit first.

    As for the drugs? You are clearly easily led, more so when pished.

    What do you expect us to say on here?

    'Yep, youve taken drugs but its ok for you to join. We like your sort'.

    If you do get in, may I recommend you join the Argylls. They have their own dealers.

  13. arcanus ab secus accumulo
  14. Freshage, I suggest you have a really good think about what you ahve done and what it means.

    The Army do not tolerate drugs. end of. If you are picked up on a CDT you WILL face disciplinary action.

    Try to remember, you are joining us. You raise your standards to ours. It is not the otherway around. The Army doesn't really like drug users. You may find you have to cut your ties with your current mates. What happens if you get in, and they start offering you bongs and Es whilst you are one leave?

    But we do like roaring good p1ss ups, so be careful.
  15. i am still in the process of beating the crap out of my self for this lol. ive sent a email to my mate telling him how much of a prat he is for offering me it, but that simply doesnt mean it wasnt my fault ad i accept this. i understand the army doesnt accept it no matter what the excuse. ive just spoken to my friend via msn, his wife is a medic in the army, and they said being as ive not done it before and its only this little bit. the best option to clear this crap from my body is a serious detox. which im doing currently anyway whilst in the process of trying to quit rollis.

    thanks for the replies guys. i guess i deserved the crap lol. i apologise for being a prick in the replies to what was clearly deserved for me.


    p.s. about my display pic.. bah