Canine caper leaves cleric in coma

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fingers_1661, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. PITSANULOKE: -- An errant monk was caught in a compromising position on November 5 after he suffered a stroke while having sex with a temple dog behind Sam Toei Temple in Wat Thong District.

    Villagers were drawn to the scene by the howls of protest from the dog, which the monk had lashed to a tree.

    After seeing the monk in flagrante delicto with the heavily pregnant Thai Bangkaew dog, villagers called the police.

    By the time officers arrived on the scene, the excitement had obviously been too much for the 65-year-old monk to take.

    He was found lying unconscious next to the animal. A bottle of dishwashing liquid was found next to the monk, presumably for use as a makeshift lubricant.

    Rescuers rushed the monk to hospital, where he remains in a coma. Doctors said he had suffered a stroke and are not sure if he will survive.

    The cleric was identified in Thailand’s best-selling daily newspaper as Phrapan Chitutasaro,

    The abbot of Wat Sam Toei, Phramali Dhamachantho, said Phrapan had been at the temple for only a few days.

    Temple authorities were preparing to ask him to leave because he had refused to provide references from his former temple.

    Police did not say what Phrapan would be charged with if he regains consciousness.

    -- Phuket Gazette / Thai Rath 2009-11-18
  2. Talk about unlucky. Poor old f*cker probably had years of pent up fustration and in a moment of madness thought "Tell you what, I'll rattle the dog". Not only does he get caught but he snuff's it as well. I'll bet the conversation at the pearly gates was interesting.
  3. Jumping the gun a bit aren't we Duckula me old china! Isn't the fekker still alive :? And talk about schoolboy error.... no gag on the dog! Pfffff :roll:
  4. I have of course heard of temple prostitution but this, I am afraid, is ripping the bejingo out of it!
  5. Aah yes, so he is. Oh well, I'm sure it wont be long, The Good Lord can't wait to get all the gory details apparently so the old boy should be flat lining any time now. :oops:
  6. Has anyone heard from MDN lately?
  7. Discipline yourself immediately! :wink:
  8. this has got to be a wind up!
  9. Why? The clergy have needs you know. Ok so it's 'unconventional' but its no stranger than a Catholic Priest taking confession from a spotty youth.
    At least he had the decency to pick on a pregnant dog, thereby elliminating the chance of producing some kind of hellish offspring.
  10. Can anyone on here confirm or deny the lubricating properties of washing-up liquid for back door bashing?
  11. Hmmm, funny you should mention Hellish offspring! I'm a good old Brit through and through, but my girlfriend is Danish!!!!! Does this mean that if we have a rugrat it will be a Great Dane?????
  12. I wouldn't recommend it! It's fine a first but tends to "gel up" very quickly and can begin to burn with prolonged use 8O .... er.... so i've been told!
  13. As you have not posted a link I am unable to confirm your story and am to lazy to google it!

    Therfore i will have to put this story down to your over active imagination or desires! :D
  14. He's gone to a lot of bother then eh? I mean, he's staged the event in a different country, looked up names and establishments, even a newspaper. I'm guessing it would have been a lot quicker for him if he just wrote;
    "Tramp scutter f*cks dogs" -- The Sun

  15. Ducky what are you trying to say?