Canes, sticks and whips

Discussion in 'Officers' started by jonny3979, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Following on from the controversial and risque thread on that iconic piece of 70s military wear, the JHW, I would appreciate a steer from the Mess on the rights and wrongs of carrying canes, whips or sticks in CS95. I have attached a couple of pics to illustrate the thread.

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  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    If HRH is doing it it means its right.
  3. Is he wearing a choo choo train as a cap badge?

    canes, sticks, whips?

    No. You look like prats.

    (Not that some just need a stick of course).
  4. Granted, she isn't wearing CS95, but it was too good not to post this 'stick pic'.

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  5. Ahh what a fine yeomanry cap badge and stable belt he is wearing too. However if he was wrong would anyone argue with him?
  6. Riding crops, sticks and all that nonsense should surely be reserved only for Barrack or No 2 Dress?

    They look shiete with combats but can come in handy in the bedroom when used in the right manner on the missus
  7. Looks much more manly when one swaps cane for BAYONET but then I am bias :)

    For the Cav Chavs its probably an accepted form of dress

  8. Whips!!! Any input from the lady ruperts to my inbox please!
  9. Actually, although neither chav nor cav I do have a leather bound swagger stick. Which contains a twelve inch blade...indeed when I acquired it I was rather amused. It put all those "only armed with a swagger stick he faced down two hundred screaming fuzzies" into context.

    Nice to see HRH sporting the "louping cat" on his RHD!
  10. Is HRH also sporting Para wings on his right arm? Is he Para trained?

  11. Strictly speaking no. But since he is HRH half a jumps course counts!
  12. Why do so many ICSC(L) officers carry sticks/canes? I seem to see an inordinate number of them around Shrivenham at the moment - is this new Majors jockeying for position or what? The senior Majors & Lt Cols on ACSC don't bother, so why ICSC(L)?
  13. It all depends on ones Regiment. Ask your Adjutant if in doubt.
  14. Looks more like a fire truck.