Cane Drill and Colour Drill.

Xplosiverab said:
Has anyone got an example of the drill book regarding cane drill and colour drill?
Check with Puzzle Palace, they may have a copy. They may say you need to go on the drill course and pass before your allowed it though!
Xplosiverab said:
My My, its the fat b@stard who used my account earlier. Although by the grammar i'd say it was his bespectacled friend. Good evening, hows things? Still chasing cadets parents?

(Its on the 3* Syllabus.......or an interest lesson perhaps)
More likely to be an interest lesson, it is neither taught nor tested in the County anymore.

Rifle drill starts at APC Two Star, I am trying to bring it back in as part of the test, but not enough adults can teach it correctly.

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