Candy Club (Hohne), what is it now?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by shell_scrape, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Is it true that this fine establishment has changed its role?
    What else in good old Hohne has changed in the last few years?
  2. Candy Club? Don't remember that one? Where was it?
  3. out of camp, turn right and within drunken oblivion's walk (about 50 meters)
    When were you at the glorious 7 c_f?
  4. If that was near the Shnell Imbiss I think that was Oh La Las when I was there.

    About 94-96
  5. As far as i remember they were both houses of disrepute within about 25 meters of each other.
  6. Hmm, can't remember the Candy Club. Do remember Amadaus, mic macs, georges(?), tiffanies (which served breakfast if you stayed in long enough and would illicit the song "Breakfast at Tiffanies" as the nights mantra), and the gyros place taht i can't remember the name of that is just on the cross roads.
  7. And that god awful irish bar
  8. Irish bar..... I think that was tiffanies, not sure. I know they used to have lots of Irish bands in their though. There was also Celle near by fo rhte odd night out.

    My fave being hamburg, hannover and you could alwasy get to denmark if you fancied a weekend of it.

    There was also a sort of drinking place out in the sticks near by. Can't remembe ra name but i remember it haveing lots of film posters on the wall, in particular "a doors" with val kilmer one behind the bar.

    We nicked a brass bar out of amadeus, still don't know how we got a 2m bar out and back to camp.
  9. You must know Dakotas, finest steak for miles.
  10. Oh yes. Loved it in there. Although working out what was what from all their "screaching sqaw" or "staring brave" names. The crazy golf out the back was a good laugh when drunk too.

    edit to add is that the time!!!
  11. So how many times did you do the mic mac shuffle at the door when you went to pay on a Saturday night and realised you still had the Friday night stamp on your hand. :oops:

    Which gyros platz? The one opposite Amadues or the one opposite the quarters just round the corner from Georges if memory serves.

    And if what I been told is true then the Candy Club is where the random car parts hop next to La Las was. Or is that now La Las and the Candy Club is next to it. Don't really care and don't really wanna find out first hand!

    And before someone asks 99-01.
  12. Once or twice, with the stamp. It glowed in the dark to if I recall rightly!!!!

    The gyros I most frequented was the one opposite amadeas, Hellas Gyros?, but there was another up the main drag next to the toy shop and the ice cream shop. Not sure here the the other one you mention was.

    Never actually frequented oh la las, nor the candy club, didn't even know that one existed until this thread.

    Went to the schnelli there though, and once persused the cars at the car sles place.
  13. Bloody UV lights and their stamps. How are you suppose to know if you've washed it off :x

    As for the Candy CLub only knew the name from here but had heard about it from lads that were at Hohne post me.

    Been to La Las once, but the funniest story about La Las was when two lads walked out in the morning to head back to camp and waved to two caoches full of the main party deploying to the Balkans. The Badge was not a happy bunny! Everyone else thought it was funny as fook!
  14. Oh yes i forgot about that one.