Candy Cabs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by netleyned, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. I have a feeling this programme could be the source of rich sexual innuendo and smutty remarks. Lets face it a programme which see most of the cast in the underwear for more than a fleeting moment is surely right up the street of the NAAFI Bar regulars. Let the games begin...
  2. I bet you watch Hollyoaks as well.
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  3. Why are all women's programs about shagging, the size of your tits, the size of your belly, shagging, having affairs and scandalous gossip? It's not even heartwarming anymore. I was getting ready for work when my girlfriend had this on and whilst she was guffawing and saying "aaaaw" every two minutes, I was just confused.

    Fuck it, I must just be thick.
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  4. I happen to find it a very serious and informative program
  5. It's "Carry on Cabbie". Who's playing Sid James part?
  6. How did you know that? I feel that such programmes are essental in developing an understanding of the rich cultural pysche of those in Cheshire, that and some the ladies are rather pleasant to look at...which is an added bonus.
  7. Was there any minge in it?
  8. The one from Eastenders would get it.

    I think...
  9. That piece from EastEnders,Jo Joyner,some bangers she carries around.bring them on.
  10. Prefer Kara Tointon/Dawn Swan out of 'enders meself. Or Emma Barton, and Dot. Together.
  11. Crufts 2011


  12. is her sister legal yet, thats a fantasty threesome there
  13. Are you saying you wouldn't do third from right then? One for the celebrity holy grail of knockers there. We've all been looking in the wrong places.
  14. Ok far left aint pretty, but you know that it's all about the experience, it's about saying "I've been there", it's about standing up and being counted and saying to the world...Now THAT was fun. Isn't it?
  15. Claire sweeney would get it but only if she promised to cry