Candidates for Euthanasia

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slipperman, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. I know similar threads have appeared, but I think it is time to get this out of my system!
    I am sat here reading the Sunday Newspapers, glass in hand and with the football on Sky in the background (well, it is only Doncaster v Huddersfield! :) ).
    Half time arrives and the adverts appear - its that fckuing singing black chap on the Halifax adverts. AARGGHHH!! :x :x :x Fair put me off my beer that has! He'd be first in the queue - can nothing be done to rid the world of this abomination?
    Is there anyone more annoying or more worthy to take the needle of everlasting sleep? Thoughts?
  2. The twa t that ran away from me yesterday causing me to break my collar bone in two places. He truly deserves to die.
  3. Jade Goody? Needle might be too quick though....
  4. What are you on about? Needles wouldn't be enough for christ sake.

    Pete Docherty, first against the wall
  5. Yeah, the stupid annoying bint from the InjuryLawyers4U advert, she gets right up my fcuking foreskin!!!
  6. The Wenker that jumped out of my cab last night without paying..!! Cnut..!!
    £7.00 fare too, margerine tonight then, not butter..!!
    Oh, and Ian Huntley..!! Probably too good for that piece of shi'ite though..!!
  7. TONY (feckin)BLAIR.
  8. My next door neighbour, if that guy doesnt stop drilling at ten oclock at night, Im gonna take his drill and stick it were his prostate should to be...
  9. The tawts in the Picture Loans advert, "£25000 and it's only how much, that's great, it's a lot less than we're paying now!" I'd pay the f*cking £25k to see the pair of em buried............. :evil:
  10. Anyone who shirks for NTL or Dell Computers, Ba$tards all of them! :evil:
  11. Lloyds TSB, The Labour Party, the bloke from my local take away who forgot my Bombay Aloo, then denied all knowledge of me ordering it this lunchtime, that bloke in the Merc who cut me up on the M4 last Tuesday, Gypsies etc etc etc
  12. Armchair_Jihad.

    The cnut is endless. Makes paint drying seem like a fun night out.
  13. He's prayin.. Bless im..!!
  14. No, he's trying to curl one down.

    As for euthanasia candidates...any fecker too stupid to know which way round the peak goes when fitting a baseball hat to the head!

    For that matter, any fecker who wears a baseball hat!!