Candidates for a Human Centipede

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Twattipus, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Why not list your ideal candidates for a human centipede. Even better, don't restrict yourself to just three people.

    A list of five or more could mean that you can connect the one at the front to the one at the back in order to have them feeding on a circle of shite for eternity.

    I propose:

    1. Gordon Brown
    2. Cherie Blair (the obnly mouth big enough to deal with the arsehole in front of her)
    3. Abu Hamza
    4. Jedward
    5. Jedward
    6. Keith fkucking Chegwin
    7. Maddie (at least we'd know where she was)
    8. That irritating twat from thr BT adverts
    9. And his equally scabby missus.
  2. I'd put you at the front, so you'd be the 1st to get squashed when I run the centipede over in my bulldozer.
  3. Baron James Shortt
    That Twat from the Go Compare Adverts
    Gok Wan
    Gerry McCann
    Kate Adie
    Simon Cowell
    Kate McCann
    Jimmy Crankie
  4. julia gillard (our pm),bliar,gw bush mixed in
    with random french cunts.