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Hello as I finished my BARB test. I got 46 jobs to select from. However, most of the jobs have 0 or 1 or 2 under the 'Vacancies this period' section, and around 0 to 10'ish under 'Vacancies next period'. Now, my question is. What if I select a job title that has 0 vacancy? Or even 1? Would I still get this job? Or would I be put on to another job in case if the particular job I preferred is not available? Or would I be asked to wait until there is a vacancy in the job?

Thanks in advance.
Forget all about the job vacancies available at this point, your only at the start of the process....wait till after you have passed ADSC then you get a truer picture.
Is Pre-ADSC selection and the fitness training (Running club and other stuffs) the same? Or are they different? Because my recruiter said that once my medical form has been cleared (It has been sent already), I have to attend the fitness club, and then I will have the Interview?
It is likely that Fitness club is your offices version of pre selection, however this may not be the case. Not every ACIO sends you off to pre selection, some have fitness club/run club instead. If you want to know what happens at your particular office, you will have to ask them as it varies from place to place.
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